Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No business, whatsoever, being in my neighbor's back yard.  This referring to 350 man.
I promised my next door neighbor I would keep a watch out for him - 350 man - doing anything to my neighbor's fence.  350 started to erect a fence that is well into my neighbor's yard quite some time ago.  He got the posts up and that's where it ended.

So when I saw him IN my neighbor's back yard, poking through Randy's (my neighbor) stuff, I called Randy, who is currently in Michigan at his summer home.  Randy, I said, 350 man and Sam are in your back yard.  They took down your fence and are welding on 350 man's fence.

Randy went into a conniption, I would have too considering the circumstances, I asked him if he were going to call the police? Yes.  I call him back about 10 minutes later, Randy informs me the police tell him that it's a civil matter and to take it up in the courts.  How is trespassing on private property a civil matter and how can the police interpret it like that?

Randy pleads with me, telling me he gives me his full authority to go onto his property.  Though I neither like Sam nor 350 man, I was not inclined to get involved with this, but I relented. I got my camera, turned on  the video portion of it and started videoing my walk over to Randy's house/property.  350 man disappears, as I thought he would.  Catching him on video both trespassing on private property and attempting to finish a fence that he KNOWS is OFF of HIS property could be used in the courts against him.  But Sam could have cared less.  "You're tresspassing on private property", he tells me.  This is Randy's property, I replied, of which I have his permission to be here.

I asked him if he thought it was okay to be standing on Randy's property and basically helping 350 man steal a portion of it by helping him erect this fence? Was it okay to take down Randy's fence?  Well, he didn't tell me I couldn't be on his property.  Well maybe you should call him and ask him - Sam and Randy have known each other for a LONG time, they have each other's phone numbers.  Sam made a comment about if Randy wants to talk to him, he can call him.  I said fine, I'll have Randy call you right now, do you have your phone?  Sam goes to get his phone - none too happy that I am recording all of this - and I leave.  There was no way I was going to leave myself exposed to lies or potentially even police action by having them making a false accusation against me - it wouldn't be the first time - I had my eye witness with me and I already have it posted on Youtube so that it can't "disappear".

That was it for my part.  I did what I could.  Had it been my property the whole situation, of course, would have never started in the first place, I would have already taken 350 man to court on the property issue and a judge would have already made a ruling on it.  But that's me.  I was going to do nothing more except call Randy, inform him I have a video of Sam doing the fence (and unknown to 350 man, I may not have gotten a video of him back there, but I DID snap several pics of him working on the fence on Randy's side of it).

Well, 3-day holiday weekend over, back to the  wonderful prospect of going to work.  But this morning should be okay, I have a load to pick up downtown and take to north Phoenix.  Not part of my normal territory, but the main branch is swamped and couldn't do it - we are not swamped and we can pretty much do whatever at this point.  We will ever get busy again?  I dunno, I can only wish.



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