Thursday, September 5, 2013

Changes at work. Undoubtedly, something coming down the pike and probably, that news will be given out today to branch managers.  That's cause' they are having their yearly end of year get together for the managers.  They go to a fancy resort place and eat some fine food.   Talk of bonuses should arise but also talk of what they are going to do at the main branch will undoubtedly also be covered.

Our branch is doing so poorly now, I can't imagine they won't enact some kind of changes there as well. What those changes are, I don't know yet.  They have thrown out a few things but in the end, you can never really guess.  You just go with the flow and hope the changes aren't so radical that it is upsetting or otherwise disarming in nature.

Well, time caught me and I have to be off to work.



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