Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday here.  Work to be done - at work that is - which is a good thing.  I spent the day yesterday running around as well.
The operations manager almost ran me over yesterday in his pickup truck - literally - he was going 30 mph through our yard, I had just gotten out of the semi headed across the yard but caught his truck coming out of the corner of my eye.

No-one drives that fast through our yard.  Whatever the case, if I hadn't jerked myself to a stop he would have run clean over the top of me.  Well he stopped, terrified look on his face, I hoped incident would help him think about slowing down in the yard, lol.

When asked about the meeting yesterday - this was in the morning, before it had occurred - he was giving out no clues.  I was unabashedly pimping for info, the only thing I really got out of him was that Casa Grande should be in our territory, not 3083's.  I have been trying to get my manager to ask him about this for a while now, but since the opportunity came up, what the heck.  He smiled and said he would take care of it.

It means, if we get it back, more business and bottom line numbers for our store.  The main warehouse manager simply decided to take it away from us at one point and that was that.  We are much closer to Casa Grande, there is a road from our store that is almost a straight shot down there and it used to be ours.  I dunno why he thought he could just steal it from us, but we are, apparently going to get it back.

It is also a bit of a drive - I am getting so sick of being stuck in the east valley and not really getting OUT of it excepting to head west into Phoenix to pick up material for deliveries.  A truck driver being stuck in the same, small area, all the time?  Yikes!

Well, time to be off to work.



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