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Friday here.  Work to be done - at work that is - which is a good thing.  I spent the day yesterday running around as well.
The operations manager almost ran me over yesterday in his pickup truck - literally - he was going 30 mph through our yard, I had just gotten out of the semi headed across the yard but caught his truck coming out of the corner of my eye.

No-one drives that fast through our yard.  Whatever the case, if I hadn't jerked myself to a stop he would have run clean over the top of me.  Well he stopped, terrified look on his face, I hoped incident would help him think about slowing down in the yard, lol.

When asked about the meeting yesterday - this was in the morning, before it had occurred - he was giving out no clues.  I was unabashedly pimping for info, the only thing I really got out of him was that Casa Grande should be in our territory, not 3083's.  I have been trying to get my manager to ask him about this for a while now, but since the opportunity came u…