Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There is so much to write about, but goodness, do I write a 10,000 word blog entry?  I think not.

We all know it's 9/11 and what that intones.  The murder of over 3,000 people in the World Trade Center towers in Manhatton. Yes, I am home from work for the day and yes, I am definitely watching some shows. For me, I think it important to remember this day and honor it, respect it and give it the reverence it's due.  Terrorists be damned.

But today is a very special day for me: it's my mom's birthday.  She's getting up there in years, but she is still doing very well.  I have wished her a happy birthday a dozen times on her and my facebook wall and other venues, at least, lol. If you want to call me a momma's boy, so beit, I unabashedly love my mother dearly.  I talk to her on the phone about once a week and shoot pm's on FB and talk on either of our walls almost daily.  To have both of my parents still alive at the age that I am at is a blessing itself.

Just got off the phone with her.  It's important to try to make people feel special on their birthdays, I don't care how old or young you are.

Court yesterday.

I came home after getting off of work early, Eddie came over, we drove downtown. Eddie is an easily distracted 16 year old teenager. He has an I-Phone with which he plays games on when bored.  This day, I figured, would be especially trying for him since court can be long and very drawn out.  Can be,  my @$$, it almost ALWAYS is.  I find court proceedings fascinating but I am probably not in the majority with that observation.

It was about a 2 hour ordeal.  Our showing up threw a fork into the defendant's lawyers plans.  His surprise to find us there and the fact his client was NOT there spoke volumes.  He was going to do the same thing the first 2 cases had happen: no witnesses, dismiss the case, which the judge did without reservation. She was going to get off the hook, there was going to be nothing, even paying me back for vet bills and that would be that.

I am not, however, vindictive and I still did not want 6 charges against her showing up on her record, so I still agreed to 1 class 1 misdemeanor, plus probation, plus paying me the debt owed.  I thought it shitty that she had started crap with me and that she couldn't face me in the courtroom.  But she had stopped coming over and giving me money to pay it back - even 5 bucks would have satisfied me and her lowest payment was 8.  She had lost her job - working at Dennys, the only way you're going to lose your job there is that you are the problem I am guessing - but still, I wanted to do the merciful thing.

Eddie was poking me, playing his game, making stupid comments, on and on while we were sitting in that court room with nothing going on.  The other side of the aisle was full of law enforcement.  Uniformed cops and obviously detectives in dress clothes.  The lead cop in the investigation about the dog situation was there, they were ALL on smart phones, doing whatever.  Well anyway.  She was given a year's probation, remain a "law abiding" citizen, pay restitution.  If she fails on any of those counts, including any of those dogs getting out again, she's toast. Not that I want that, but.........if you are going to own dogs that are not trained and are vicious, well.

So that's that.  I'm going to finish watching a show on 9/11 and then head off to bed.


And thank God that nothing happened today in that realm.


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