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It has become evident that my manager is not liking the way the huge driveway - at least 125 feet long and 30 feet wide - is looking after I stopped cleaning up the rocks that the new guy is constantly dumping all over the place. That, after the new guy attempted to dress-me-down and tell me that appearance is irrelevant, rocks on the driveway to not impede the operation of the business and that he doesn't care and then demanded to know how, exactly, he was supposed to keep the rocks from dumping onto the ground.

I did tell him how that would be done - this isn't even common sense, it's just plain knowledge, which he scoffed and then told me I could go f*** myself.  It was at that point it took everything I had within me to stop myself from hauling off and knocking his teeth out of his head.  I was pissed.

So, my manager has asked me once to sweep up the rocks and then today, use the air blower.  Yeah, right.  I'm going to do all the cleanup so this guy can come alon…