Saturday, September 14, 2013

It was refreshing, last night, to be able to go outside and not hear any  of the loud music and yelling people that I have had to listen to for quite a while now on Fridays and Saturdays.  Today remains to be seen.  But at first hint of it, I will immediately call the police to get the ball rolling.

Cleaned out one fish filter today - it was so full of fish filth it was pretty nasty.  No wonder that water was turning black.  Now I am going to have to clean it out everyday for a while until the water clears up, yikes!  The other one I haven't done yet, but it should be much better shape and not so much fish junk to deal with.

Work yesterday - nothing.  Nothing at all.  I decided to wash and detail the semi tractor, including waxing it.  I spent about 6 hours sweating like a pig in the heat and humidity.  Whenever I walked into the building it was like walking into the Antarctica, it was cold and I would quickly head back outside after getting water.  What I found laughable was that the new guy did much of nothing yesterday.  He sat in the manager's office cumulatively for at least 2 hours, playing on his I-phone.

Meanwhile, there was and is all sorts of cleanup projects he could be doing.  It really irked me.  Like gee, maybe I should just sit around on my @$$ and see what happens - nothing apparently.  Just pull out the ole' laptop and screw around on the internet all day long.

But I am not a person inclined to do such things, if I'm working I'm going to work for my pay and anyway, sitting around doing nothing is pretty boring stuff.  Makes me want to fall asleep.


Got the other pond filter done and over with - wanted to take a shower and that would be a waste of time if I didn't do the second pond filter first.

I'm off to do - nothing actually.  Pond filters were the big thing of the day on the agenda list, nothing else is that urgent at this moment.


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