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It was refreshing, last night, to be able to go outside and not hear any  of the loud music and yelling people that I have had to listen to for quite a while now on Fridays and Saturdays.  Today remains to be seen.  But at first hint of it, I will immediately call the police to get the ball rolling.

Cleaned out one fish filter today - it was so full of fish filth it was pretty nasty.  No wonder that water was turning black.  Now I am going to have to clean it out everyday for a while until the water clears up, yikes!  The other one I haven't done yet, but it should be much better shape and not so much fish junk to deal with.

Work yesterday - nothing.  Nothing at all.  I decided to wash and detail the semi tractor, including waxing it.  I spent about 6 hours sweating like a pig in the heat and humidity.  Whenever I walked into the building it was like walking into the Antarctica, it was cold and I would quickly head back outside after getting water.  What I found laughable was that…