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3:00 am this morning or thereabouts. Sleeping soundly.  I'm suddenly jarred awake by the sound of what else: obnoxious music.  This time, they started this nonsense at that hour of the night.  Unbelievable.  But it wasn't the people on the next street behind me.  They have been eerily quiet ever since the third police visit in the same night that occurred 8 days ago.

This time, it was a pickup truck parked in front of their house 5 houses down from me.  They were out in the STREET, drinking and having no cares that they were both blaring the music so loud that I could hear it in my bedroom some 300 feet away and also that they were drinking in public, not even thinking that police might come.  Well, I had the decision to either call the police or go down there and deal with it - I opted for the police.  My methods of dealing with people who don't give a damn about anyone else are not the best, so I figured to let professionals do it.

But after 30 minutes police hadn't…