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Well, last night and again, no sounds from the partying neighbors.  A good thing - yes.

I woke up this morning early - before 5am.  I try not to do that on weekends and if I do, I usually try to get back to sleep for at least another hour and do my version of sleeping in.  Alas, that wasn't to be.  I got up, got coffee, got on the computer and contemplated the morning's musings.

Most notably, going to church, praying for a few minutes and then going out and handing out flyers in the neighborhood.  I thought of reasons I could give as excuses to not go, who wants to do THAT on a Saturday?  I came to the conclusion: ME.  So after looking at all the rubbish in the news - Obamacare this and that - I am keeping up with all of that but it's getting pretty old at this point, wearing on the nerves - I got in my car, drove to church and there it was.

I have to say that I ended up in a group with older people in it.  Not surprising.  But everyone detracted from the "bas…