Saturday, September 28, 2013

Well, last night and again, no sounds from the partying neighbors.  A good thing - yes.

I woke up this morning early - before 5am.  I try not to do that on weekends and if I do, I usually try to get back to sleep for at least another hour and do my version of sleeping in.  Alas, that wasn't to be.  I got up, got coffee, got on the computer and contemplated the morning's musings.

Most notably, going to church, praying for a few minutes and then going out and handing out flyers in the neighborhood.  I thought of reasons I could give as excuses to not go, who wants to do THAT on a Saturday?  I came to the conclusion: ME.  So after looking at all the rubbish in the news - Obamacare this and that - I am keeping up with all of that but it's getting pretty old at this point, wearing on the nerves - I got in my car, drove to church and there it was.

I have to say that I ended up in a group with older people in it.  Not surprising.  But everyone detracted from the "base", we all just went 2 by 2 and got the work done.  We didn't pound on doors, we just left flyers.  If a house said "No Solicitors", I respected their wishes and didn't even leave the flyer (though I suspect much of that aimed at people banging on doors). I don't like people coming and trying to sell stuff, either, though I am always polite to them.  I politely tell them I am not interested, have a great day, goodbye.  If I just leave a flyer, well, no biggies.  I get them on my gate all the time.  I read them, 99% of it I am not interested in and throw in the trash can, but it's not like I get mad that they left the flyer there.

I ended up with a very spiritually minded woman, she is the type of person that a church really needs.  Very  much attuned to the Spirit and part of everything that goes on. She is 15 years older than me but kept up with it. She wanted to get the job done and so did I, get the flyers out and get it done.  So we did.  Covered a lot of territory/streets, talked about spiritual things and then that was it, headed back to the church. I'm just saying that I like her as a person, it was cool to be able to go up and down streets with someone I respect and admire in terms of her relationship with the Lord and her openness to the heavens.  If you don't understand that and want clarification, I am happily wiling to give it, but for the carnal minded, it has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

But along the lines of the opposite sex, oh yes, I have been talking with someone.  And it is turning - serious.  I am already planning a trip to Texas, if that gives you any clue.  The full details I won't go into, I don't know yet if we are really going anywhere with this but the conversations have become much more intense and the frankness of feelings also going that direction.  I'm at the age where I am not going to pass up a good woman if one comes along.  I will jump all over it if I feel inclined to and in this case, I definitely feel inclined!  I knew her (not in the "biblical" sense, lol) from the mission field.  I was attracted to her then but I was too busy with missionary work. I put those kinds of thoughts and feelings as much as I could on the shelf in the mind.

It all started out when I posted something on my FB wall about how I was open to anyone and that I don't care what religion you are and this that and the other thing, the exact verbiage I don't remember. She PM'ed me not long after that and confided to me some things that were going on in her life that she didn't want to talk about publicly  I prayed with her and have been talking with her ever sense, trying to build her up - she has been totally torn down by her now-ex husband and view of herself has degraded along with it.  But both outwardly and inwardly, she is a very beautiful woman.  I could easily fall in love with her.  She has 9 kids and though that's a lot, I could learn to deal with that as well.

If we really clicked, then yes, I would have to move to a place in eastern Texas, that wouldn't bother me excepting being away from my mom.  But I don't want to get too far into this discussion here, this is only something in the most preliminary of stages. At the same time, the conversations are going deeper, much more so than just normal conversation with a person.  I feel the spark : ) If it leads to a dead end, it won't bother me that much, I am seeking a lady, have been for a while now, just looking for the right person.

What scares me in life?  The thought of growing old - alone.  No thanks.

Long interlude.  Took a nap.  Between going to bed late last night, getting up early this morning, this morning's activities and then keeping busy with stuff around the house today - well, nap time was calling, lol.  The only problem with nap time is if it comes too late in the day!  Oh well, don't have to go to work in the morning - if that's going to be an issue.

Wow! All I can say about current conversation with above-mentioned lady.




Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...