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I haven't felt like this in decades.
How do you turn this off?
Not that I want to!
We did "20 questions" last night - no sexual questions posed or allowed in this particular set - to "get to know each other better".
This went on, literally, for hours.  In fact, 5 hours had passed and it was all-of-a-sudden time to get ready for bed last night.
I was looking at round-trip airfare to potentially spend a week out there and see if this is really meant to be.  It's one thing to talk over the net, it's another to meet in person and find if there is physical attraction.

The only problem is that I have already taken 2, 1 week off vacations this year.  Not that I "can't" get a third but if I were to spend the $400 to go there and back, I would want a full week off.  Even if the situation turned to, oh well, this wasn't meant to be, we are still friends and have been for a very long time.  I intend on going out there to help her with all the m…