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I left Friday afternoon, got up to the property, got everything fired up and then.......electric fault breaker on GFI outlet kept popping.  It was getting extremely irritating considering I had to keep walking to the pedestal to turn it back on.  I don't know why they installed a GFI on a pedestal!  I am going to get rid of it.  I have outdoor outlets with no GFI on them and I have seen plenty of other outlets at other places without them, dunno what the deal is.  I thought those things were meant for kitchens and bathrooms?

Well, anyway, Friday night after I went to bed the power went out again, of course and my white-noise generating fan went off with it. I  was too tired to get up, get dressed, put on shoes and go out there to push the thing in so I just tried to sleep without it.

Well try going to sleep without a noise that you have been listening to for over 25 years to sleep with and see how well that turns out!

The next morning, I got up, pushed it in, made coffee and then…


My plan for tomorrow, in considering it works out that way, is to leave town shortly after I get off of work and head up the hill to my mom's property.  Still haven't decided whether I am going to stay one night or two, though.  Just before I leave, I will drain the entire water system out on the trailer and have the peace that the lines aren't going to freeze and burst over the winter.  Not that I don't intend on going up there at various times throughout the winter, I just haven't really wanted to go very much lately.

Well, anyway. The situation with the lady.  I haven't written this part of it out yet because I just haven't wanted to.  But, she has a lot of kids, numerous of them are teenagers and just about all of them mouth off and disrespect her to one degree or another.  Some of it is very, very serious.  To the point of cussing her out and throwing things in anger and destroying property.

I have told her repeatedly up front that I do not tolerate k…