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Too much going on to write too many blog entries.  But at this moment, I am sitting at the airport, near the gate, waiting to board the plane, which will occur in a bit over an hour from now.

I haven't flown in sooooo long!  I don't know why they did it, but they sent me through the pre-screened line and no, I wasn't pre-screened.  Skipped a HUGE line by going through there!  The lady said I guess you are one of the lucky ones!  A BUNCH of TSA people standing all over the place, just not used to this.

Now I understand the theorem of dressing up a bit, most people here are in T shirts and blue jeans, shirts hanging out, no belts, sloppy appearance, etc. etc. etc.  I'm not exactly in a suit and tie, but I  am definitely not in blue jeans and t-shirt apparel.

Umm, well whatever.  I am kicking out a tenant as of today.  Dunno how that is going to go over, but Mark has no problem helping me with that because he doesn't like the guy anyway.

I have had 3 people over yest…