Sunday, November 3, 2013

Didn't quite have time to pick up where I left off yesterday.  But after a couple of hours plus layover in Houston, we all boarded a much smaller jet to fly over to Tyler.  The thing powered up and got moving in a big hurry!  2 big jet engines for such a small plane!  Interesting flying over the land and seeing so much water everywhere - and much of it brown and/or putrid looking with a lot of dead trees lining the lakes besides them. What are they dumping into the water here?!!

Flying into Tyler, small airport.  Small brick building terminal.  Got my stuff and there she was, as beautiful and lovely in real person as what her pictures showed.  Just sayin', sometimes pics make people look MUCH better than when you meet them in-person!  Though it wouldn't have made any difference anyway about it, she is a beautiful person inside and that counts much more than external beauty.

I took her hand and gave her a big hug.  She has - never had that actually - in her past 20 year marriage so I guess it took her off-guard.  Well I don't guess it does, it did!  She was all giggly and trying to make excuses for not being used to it, I just shrugged it all off and said get used to it!  Lol.

We went to a restaurant and sat together for a couple of hours but - fatigue was setting in even though early.  I had to get some rest.  Friday's escapades in making 2 trips to the mountains and working until 6 pm and then getting ready to leave and then getting up at 3:45 am to get to the airport took it's toll on me.  She took me to the hotel - we hugged for probably a good 20 minutes, she couldn't get enough of it once she decided she liked it - and then finally got to get into bed and just close my eyes.

Sunday morning now, we're skipping church though I didn't want to.  She hasn't been divorced that long and she just didn't want to deal with the questions she thought she might get, though I have no idea why anyone would want to stick their nose into her business in such a way as to get uncomfortable with it, anyway.  But there are people in the church that are very judgmental, you will find that just about anywhere, unfortunately.  Personally, I don't tolerate such people because they are always extremely religious. I just start digging right back. "Really, well isn't that amazing. What skeletons do YOU have in YOUR closet".  I get right back into their face.  Everyone has their issues, faults and problems, no-one is immune.  To judge another person is to point 20 fingers back at yourself.

Whatever the case, we are going to her house in a few minutes. It's a brick house just short of 7,000 square feet and she is extremely embarrassed to have me over because she doesn't have control of the kids yet after a bad marriage and a husband who apparently didn't enforce anything with them. Leave a house go that size for that long a period of time - well I have braced myself for it.  But, in my mind, anything like that can be changed, especially a dirty house.  Might take quite a long time to bring it back to a good condition, just sayin' I'm ready for whatever scene may assault my senses since she has pretty much told me it's ugly.  She tries to get the kids to help her but - many times they ignore her or go to playing games shortly after getting started on their chores.

I have considered asking Mark to go out for a week and get the place cleaned up - for pay obviously.  He might just do it for enough money.  I dunno, she is totally open to it, that's for sure.  But, I'm gonna get over there in a few minutes and check it out.

Just trying to keep up with my blog a bit.

Happy Sunday!


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