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Didn't quite have time to pick up where I left off yesterday.  But after a couple of hours plus layover in Houston, we all boarded a much smaller jet to fly over to Tyler.  The thing powered up and got moving in a big hurry!  2 big jet engines for such a small plane!  Interesting flying over the land and seeing so much water everywhere - and much of it brown and/or putrid looking with a lot of dead trees lining the lakes besides them. What are they dumping into the water here?!!

Flying into Tyler, small airport.  Small brick building terminal.  Got my stuff and there she was, as beautiful and lovely in real person as what her pictures showed.  Just sayin', sometimes pics make people look MUCH better than when you meet them in-person!  Though it wouldn't have made any difference anyway about it, she is a beautiful person inside and that counts much more than external beauty.

I took her hand and gave her a big hug.  She has - never had that actually - in her past 20 year ma…