Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm exhausted. I'm out all day long and there is stuff going on at that house that I have been working on - besides having sweet, alone time with m'lady - takes it out of me.  Today - her septic pump went out.  I have no clue about septic systems, she called out an old-timer that has a pump truck and he was a crotchety old man but hilarious.  I was all over that, between his cranky humor and my style of comedy, we had each other in stitches.  He didn't want anything to do with that pump.  He said it wasn't worth his time, somebody had switched the original pump to a Home Depot cheap piece of s*** and told us we could fix it ourselves.

His issue was that he would have to make trips all over the place to find the right parts to put the original style pump that was on the thing and that he only deals in "standard" pumps, he didn't care for doing all of that and go to Home Depot and get the same kind of cheap, s*** pump and put it on ourselves.   Yup, that was his decree.  He pumped that tank out and that was that.

We go to Home Depot, I'm driving.  The 3 little ones are with us yet again.  They're warming up to me quite a bit now.  They are so attention starved that they can't get enough of me.  I like kids, what can I say.  They're fun to be around and watch their reactions to things.  They bring a light to life that only a child can bring.  If I've said it a thousand times, I'll say it a thousand and one: I always wanted a lot more kids than the one I have now.  Best son a man could ever ask for, that's for sure, but still I wanted at least 3.

Got all that stuff, got back, switched out pumps - we're not sure if it's working or not yet because the man pumped that entire tank dry.  I then went to work drilling a hole into the side of her house, through brick, installed an inch and a half PVC drain line from the washing machine to the yard.  I know, strange but we're talking a farm and 36 acres of land with cows and horses and people that see and think things differently.  But, it is a temporary fix.  I don't have the time to dig out underneath a concrete side walk and dig a trench 75 feet long to a much better location.  This fix was in reference to the man's adamant, repeated statement that having laundry drain-water going into a septic system kills the good bacteria that breaks everything down and that's 90% of the problem with that system to begin with.

Done with that, she's taking a nap and I sit down with my laptop to check email, still trying to rent out that blooming room.  The 3 young kids come clamoring around me, all wanting attention.  This is a very long story of what has led up to having not only those 3 but the rest of the older kids wanting as much attention as they can get and especially the 14 year old.  I spent two hours with them watching youtube videos until I could take it no more and told them the show was over.

Whatever the case and bypassing a lot more stuff cause' I am tired and ready to go to sleep, I haven't had a hickey on my neck in at least 3 decades.   There's a big one there now, LOL.  The whole right side of my neck is deep red, lol.  Tomorrow, she is dumping the 3 little ones and we are going to spend the day together without all the interruptions that kids can bring.

Enough, I'm ready to conk out.


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