Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today was pretty amazing.  She took the 3 young ones over to someone's house to babysit them and we spent the entire day together - alone.  For the record, we are not engaging in sexual activity and have committed to each other that we would not do that, per God's word.  TMI, I am sure but I am pretty open about my life in my journal, always have been always will be.

Anyway, we ended up at the movie theater today.  Her oldest son, Isaiah, suggested the movie Escape Plan and we were not disappointed. I like action movies, this one was really good, IMO, with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger being the main stars in the movie.  The ending was really  good because it was totally unexpected!

We ate at Smash Burger - amazing hamburgers - we went to various stores and then after a full day together, went to the babysitter's house, picked up the 3 youngin's - who were babbling at me the entire trip back to her house.  On the way back, she called in advance to tell the older boys that if they were going to go to church, they would have to be outside waiting for her to pick them up and take them over as soon as she got home.  The 14 year old who sticks near me whenever I am there and he is also there told her to tell me he loves me.  She said it after she got off the phone so nonchalantly that it caught me off guard.  What did you say?  He said he loves you.  That boy is so starved for attention - but all of them are.  I mean attention in a good way, not the way they are used to having the man in the house yelling at them and spiting them, brushing them off and making them feel like s***.

She doesn't care about my occasional slips of the tongue - she does it herself - but she has one particular boy that is very much not in love with any kind of cuss words at all, changing the subject now that I threw the s word in there. She had a talk with him after we got home tonight - this is referring to a 12 year old - he had a bad attitude because wasn't allowed to go to church with the older boys tonight for whatever reason.  But during that talk, apparently he declared to her that I am not a Christian because I was talking to the 14 year old yesterday while we were moving a woodpile and I used the S word.  I was not cussing AT the 14 year old, btw, I would never do that.  She came back with a good one about his own behavior and not honoring his mother as the word says and does that therefore make him not a Christian?

I thought about that one for a while laying here in the hotel thinking about everything that went on today and decided that I would simply apologize to him tomorrow if/when I see him again and try to remember not to let any of that slip out when around him.  I don't really take any pleasure in offending children, the Bible has enough to say about that particular subject.

This morning?  That new septic pump I installed yesterday wasn't working, either.  Mind you, she had a professional septic company come out yesterday to look at the system and determine what's wrong with it.  He allegedly checked the power to make sure it has juice going to the pump.  He said there was juice and that was that.  I never even thought to check the power supply myself because this many is, allegedly, a professional.  Well, I installed the new pump yesterday and plugged it in.  We couldn't tell if it was working or not because the tank had been emptied and so we figured it probably wasn't coming on because the "water" level wasn't high enough to turn the thing on.

This morning when I got over there, she was trying to drag an electrical line out there to see if she could plug it into the power lines that come up from the pump and the overflow level that sounds an alarm if the level gets too high.  No, the pump wasn't working.  Well, a brand new pump, power definitely getting to the panel out there, what's the problem?  I start looking at the female plug for the pump and saw that the power and ground line are completely disconnected!  Why didn't I check that in the first place? Because that "professional" dude said the power supply was good! I shouldn't have had to check it!  It means that the old pump was probably fully functional!

I am no perfect person and I let out a string of cuss words! No kids around!  Not because the power supply interrupted by the bad plug, but because this guy who was paid a good amount of money flatly stated that the power supply was good! If you are going to do something in life for a living, then by God be GOOD at it.  Just being honest.  I have faults like everyone else, I am around people cussing at work all day long. I spent my teenaged years cussing up a storm.  I was able to tone that down to nothing after I gave my life to the Lord but after I got divorced some "language" crept back in.  I realize that there are people that do not like to hear that kind of language, I get it.

And, to land this airplane and get it on the runway (ie: to end this entry), the 15 year old - yes there is quite the range of ages going on  here - was spying on us last night!  We had walked down the narrow, one lane road in and out of her property and yes, we were hugging and kissing.  I have a huge hickey on my neck to prove that, lol.  It was dark!  But he saw what we were doing anyway and made a comment to her today about it or last night, I don't remember which.  She still is having a no PDA policy - Public Displays of Affection - though only around her kids.  So I don't even hold her hand in front of them.  She wants to do that this first visit and then, I am guessing, let them kids have time to process what they have already seen and heard and talk to mom about it.  But, it's not like they don't already know.

That's it for today.  I want to write a lot of this out in blog entries so that I can come back in the future and reference the progression of what is going on here.  It actually isn't that late here, I just wanted to leave a bit earlier than the last several nights because I have had a headache going all day long - slept too hard and too long last night into this morning after not getting near enough sleep the 3 nights before that - I just had to come back to the hotel and lay down.



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