Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well, we pretty much got past that blip.  But I insist in a relationship that if we aren't good for each other the way we are right now, as we are right now, then it isn't going to work and I really don't want anything to do with it, though I didn't say that, just thinking it.  This idea that you go into a long-term relationship thinking a person is going to change usually never works.  Seen it over and over in other people's relationships and I will learn from that and my own previous marriage as well.  It's just unrealistic to think that either party is going to transform into what you want them to be.  It might happen, but it might not as well.

I dunno, but we have been talking throughout the day on and off.  Major blow up at her house last night with 2 of the older boys getting into it to the point of an alarm clock being smashed over the head of one of them and then almost a fist fight.  She has no recourse in such situations but to call the police and apparently she was just about at that point.  She isn't big enough, I guess, to stop them. They wouldn't be getting into that s*** if I were there, that's all I can say about it and it didn't happen when I was there as well.  I wouldn't hurt them but I am much bigger than any of them and could easily stop a fight like that, just insert myself between them and that would be the end of it.  Regardless, the 14 year old that started the mess and was going ballistic stopped in his tracks when she started calling the Sheriff's department and begged her to not call.  Yes, well settle down and get yourself under control, kid, there are other ways to vent your frustrations.

She has her hands full with teenagers that have little or no respect for her.  Her younger kids are cool, but the 14, 15 and 17 year old have issues, especially the 15 year old, he runs his mouth like a horse racing the Kentucky Derby.  Non-stop.  The 18 year old girl also runs her mouth whenever she doesn't like what she hears.  Non of them will do anything around the house unless forced and even when forced, they wait for an opening and disappear.  The house and those kids aren't anything I couldn't deal with, though.  I'm only interested in the lady and I, are we compatible, can the love last for the rest of our lives, will we be able to deal with each other's problems and shortcomings,  is it really true love?

I don't really want to go too much into the house itself - but - it's 40 years old and it has serious issues.  Most of which I can deal with and already started to in actuality, but it would take a good years' worth of working on it after work and on weekends to get it back up to snuff - not to mention a rather good deal of money even if finding used stuff.

Whatever.  Planning trip two for New Year's.  I'll figure out some way to afford the airfare, I thinkhope anyway.

On a humorous note, the guy that takes my place when I'm gone to drive the truck told another driver - who is sort of in a mini-managerial position down there - that I was moving and that he was offered the position where I am working and also my pay.  The manager is like what, he's going to work down here then?  No, says this guy, he's moving to another state and I am going to take his position and they are going to give me the same pay he is making!  Rumors have spread forever about how much I am making.  I am, in reality, making much more per hour than any of the other drivers - all of them even in different divisions locally - but I insisted on that when I was hired and I had to fight for it for a long, long time after I was working there for a while.  But for as much prying as many of them have tried to get out of me, I simply refuse to tell them what I am being paid.  It's really none of their business and they can sit there and guess and wonder all they want.

The driver that came over here left him like that, too, thinking that I am moving soon and this will happen quickly!  LOL!  In reality, if this is really going to happen - which it may - I figure a good year.  I want time to elapse, I want anything that needs to be dealt with in relationship issues to come out and make sure that we can work through it. This is a non-rush deal and it has to be right.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but we have to really know that it's a good fit.  I AM concerned about not being able to get out there frequently enough, it is what it is.  If I really skimp and save, maybe I could make a trip out there every two months - but not for a week every time, I will run out of vacation hours and won't be able to go at all at some point.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...