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Well, we pretty much got past that blip.  But I insist in a relationship that if we aren't good for each other the way we are right now, as we are right now, then it isn't going to work and I really don't want anything to do with it, though I didn't say that, just thinking it.  This idea that you go into a long-term relationship thinking a person is going to change usually never works.  Seen it over and over in other people's relationships and I will learn from that and my own previous marriage as well.  It's just unrealistic to think that either party is going to transform into what you want them to be.  It might happen, but it might not as well.

I dunno, but we have been talking throughout the day on and off.  Major blow up at her house last night with 2 of the older boys getting into it to the point of an alarm clock being smashed over the head of one of them and then almost a fist fight.  She has no recourse in such situations but to call the police and ap…