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So, Obama is facing pressure from his own party - for once - over this ridiculous bill that more people hate in America than like, at least if you go by the polls.  It was particularly interesting to see Clinton - the man that has basically supported Obama the entire time - finally come out and almost rail against him because of the huge numbers of people that are not going to be allowed to keep their current plan and forced to switch to much more expensive ones.

Whatever.  I can't really talk or think about Obama and all of his BS for too long, I start getting very irritated.  It's like the man is on a mission to destroy the fabric of this nation, one step at a time.

As for the lady side of things, she is a happy camper right now.  If this situation doesn't eventually lead to a "permanent" relationship, it would surprise me.  Never say never, I know, but it's certainly headed in that direction.  Lots to think about, ponder, wonder, meditate on, prayer over…