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This is the kind of thing I am referring to when talking about the situation at her house.
The oldest boy that is still living at home - there is an even older one who is currently in the Navy - was asked last night to build a fire in the fireplace.

She is attempting to save money on electric and use the fireplace for heat versus turning the electric heating on.  The boy complains about how cold it is upstairs.  I will say here that I keep my heat on at a very minimum range during the winter at night, at night only.  Just enough to keep it from getting too cold in the house, not enough to have my electric use sky rocket.  And no, no-one is allowed to use a space heater and if someone were without my knowledge, it would be immediately known to me that someone is doing something by simply looking at the daily electric usage.

The boy - 17 years old - starts complaining that there isn't any firewood.  Well, I was just there, there are over 3 cords of wood outside, already cut, ready t…