Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thought I'd upload a couple of pics of this fabulous plant that came back to life after it seemingly died after a severe frost.  That thing was literally a stick in the ground with no leaves or any foliage on it at all early this year, now it's grown over 8 feet tall and put out all these wonderful, beautiful flowers!

Anyway, Sunday morning, fixing to get ready to go to church.  I am listening to the sound of the hummingbird out there chattering away, not sure what his problem is this morning.  He was grazing my head out there yesterday and telling me about the feeder, which I refilled just before dark last night, so he should be a happy camper.  But he's kind of a moody thing.  Anytime other hummingbirds try to come and take a drink off of his feeder, he gets pretty upset and starts fighting with them.

As for the Lady, she's opening up quite a lot now.  It has taken her some time to wrap her mind around the fact that there is actually a person out there that wants to hear all of it, let her vent 20 years worth of crap and attempt to help her navigate through all the emotion, fear, and denial.  She's just been cramming it in for a long time and letting nothing out to anyone because no-one, not even her own family - wants to hear about it and has condemned her the entire time.  When you hear about the father of all of those kids saying "those are your kids, you wanted them so now you deal with them", you know that marriage was not a very good one.
It can get pretty intense and draining at times, but I think worth it to bear with her through all of it and hopefully somewhere down the line, be healed and delivered from that garbage and able to walk in the freedom the Lord wants her to have through and in Him.

I expect that some of these conversations are going to be heavy and intense for sometime to come.

Regardless, time to go get ready for church!

Happy Sunday!


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