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Yesterday not very nice at work.  Started out with one of the auditors asking me for various credentials, which I didn't mind, but then wanted to get into the truck.  I don't care about that either, but stay away from the controls and don't mess with anything.  She couldn't find the fuel card so I found it for her and forgot that I had left my pin number for the fuel card in with it.  So I got b***** out for that, blah blah blah.  A locked truck sitting in a locked, gated, fenced yard, the fuel card sitting inside of a pouch hidden underneath the seat.  
Whatever.  The worst was yet to come, however, after I called a contractor to tell him I was going to be leaving soon and was there anyone at the jobsite to take the equipment off? The "man" immediately starts cussing me out, letting out several f bombs, calling me stupid and all kinds of stuff that I need not go into here, pretty vulgar though.  He was angry because I was about to take a water pump…