Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yesterday not very nice at work.  Started out with one of the auditors asking me for various credentials, which I didn't mind, but then wanted to get into the truck.  I don't care about that either, but stay away from the controls and don't mess with anything.  She couldn't find the fuel card so I found it for her and forgot that I had left my pin number for the fuel card in with it.  So I got b***** out for that, blah blah blah.  A locked truck sitting in a locked, gated, fenced yard, the fuel card sitting inside of a pouch hidden underneath the seat.  
Whatever.  The worst was yet to come, however, after I called a contractor to tell him I was going to be leaving soon and was there anyone at the jobsite to take the equipment off? The "man" immediately starts cussing me out, letting out several f bombs, calling me stupid and all kinds of stuff that I need not go into here, pretty vulgar though.  He was angry because I was about to take a water pumping machine out there and they had no way of taking it off of there and that he had told us to tow it behind a pickup, not haul it on a semi flatbed.

Of course, I knew nothing of this, my manager knew nothing about it, there wasn't anything from the salesman in his email that noted this and it wasn't included in the comments section in the truck routing system.  Well, this guy just wouldn't quit.  I wanted to tell him off, REALLY wanted to tell him where to stick it, but my company wouldn't have liked that too much, so I really had to bite my tongue and just tell him that we knew nothing about this but we would be happy to tow the thing out there with a pickup.

I was fuming though.  There was no good reason for this guy to get so upset.  Even if I had shown up out there with it on the truck, the worst that would happen would be to haul it back and do it however they wanted it done.  But we hadn't even left the yard yet!  I refuse to put up with another episode of this with this contractor.  This is not the first run-in I've had with him over the years, albeit this was definitely and by far the worst.

That wasn't the end of it, though.  So, while we were waiting for word from the salesman on how he wanted us to deal with this, I went and made another delivery.  I had the rest of the materials for that pump still on the truck but had removed the pump from the semi.  The other materials weren't exactly heavy, but bulky, no way it would fit in apickup truck, not even close.  So the ops manager calls me and tells me that they are okay to deliver the rest of the piping and then come back and get the pump.  I get to the jobsite - the WRONG jobsite was listed on the paperwork, I find out at the jobsite with the foreman there calling this idiot that cussed me out that morning who was obviously making remarks about it to the foreman in noting the little snickers and laughs.  I just blew that off, headed over to the other jobsite and then finally the salesman calls me.

Ummm, Allen just called and said you were at wrong jobsite and to have you head over to the other one.  As if I were stupid.  I immediately gave him a serious dose of his own medicine, since it was HIS screwup that he didn't bother to tell us the thing should have been towed over there.  He then stated that yes, that was his screwup but the address wasn't, Allen had told him to have it delivered there.

Whatever.  Then I get on the phone with my manager who tried to call me and told me to call back - the truck's hands free device is a piece of garbage and doesn't work too well - so when I called back the third time, he was all pissed about that.  Fine.  Whenever something pressing on the road, the manager is supposed to answer the call immediately and if not, only because he is either on another line or doesn't have the phone with him.  I just let that one go too, but noting that in the future? I'll just call once and then I will make my own decision and then reference him to his sourness towards me yesterday.

Then got back and he was further upset by the pin number thing that dinged the store's score.  Well, he made his own blunders that the store got dinged for too.

Whatever, putting yesterday behind me but writing about it helps to vent, also worked out hard yesterday afternoon trying to just release the steam.

Whatever the case, time to go to work!


Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...