Thursday, November 21, 2013

"This is kinda heavy but Andrew told ex that Rachel wants to change her name to Rachel (my last name)!"
You want to talk about a mind blower! Andrew is 10 year old boy, Rachael is an 8 year old girl.
This is Rachael:
 This would be Andrew:

They both ask continuously about me now. They posed for these pics for me. These kids have been so neglected by their own father that any kind of attention poured out upon them is something that they really haven't experienced from her ex, at all. But for Rachael to already say something that direct about this situation really shook me up this morning. Not in a bad way, just wow, I didn't know I had had that much of an impact on them when I was there. There was SO much to take in, ponder and absorb. But I spent much more time around the 3 little ones than any of the older kids just because she drags them around all over the place all the time, though she also dropped them off at a baby sitter's house several times so we could have time alone.

That's it for this entry, might write another one in a little while, I just have some serious thinking to do here.

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