Monday, November 25, 2013

Never a dull moment with her family.  Older kids with attitudes, one of which she is kicking out - she is so pissy and foul-laced that I know I would eventually do the same thing after listening to that kind of attitude every single time talking "together".  The oldest boy still living at home - 17 - won't do anything including going outside and getting wood for the fire.  The high there today is going to be 37 degrees, she asked him to do that last night and he refused.

She is just biding her time with him, if his tude' doesn't change, she is going to kick him out come end of school year in May.  Hard to kick out your kids as soon as they turn 18, but I wouldn't want to live with that kind of abuse, either.

Then the 15 year old was told to go out and check fence line last night.  He got mad - it was like 28 degrees outside, but the fenceline had to be checked to ensure the cows won't get out in the cold (why it waited til' dark I have no clue), so he took the pickup, drove like a madman and rolled it in the pasture.

So I was talking to her on FB and she had gotten a call on the phone unbeknownst to me from ex, the people down on the west pasture had called him telling him what had happened. She blew up, was off line for quite a while, came back and got back on and gave a sketchy description of what happened.  Then, this boy started a chat with me and I just let him know all about it.  In as good a way as possible, but I was pretty blunt with him, talking to him about the way he and his brothers and oldest sister have been treating their mom and what it is doing to her inside of her.

That conversation with that kid went on for quite a while, took advantage of him contacting me, not the other way around but lightened up near the end since he's only 15 years old and can't really keep a person that age in a heavy conversation for too terribly long.

Funny that kid contacted me before talking to anyone else about it. He didn't even like me at first, told his brothers that over and over.  At some point he changed his mind about me, told his brothers that who immediately informed their mother.

It's an interesting situation going on  over there, that's all I can say.

Whatever the case, it's Monday morning, started the work day - nothing to do again, gag - and only a 3 day work week.  Get to leave for 4 days after clocking out on Wednesday. Ohhhh, that I could drive straight to the airport and fly out there.  Oh well, not a rich man, gotta keep the trips limited to every 3 months or more.

Anyway, Happy Monday!




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