Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to whosoever reads this blog!  Which ain't that many, but still.  Lol
Just got back from mom's she cooked a full, traditional turkey dinner and it was fabulous.
My oldest brother not there - hasn't shown up to a Thanksgiving get together in at least 4 years  if not longer, can't really remember.  My middle bro was in good spirits, which was cool even though mom started some trouble with him about the gift he wants for Christmas.  I had to show mom what he had previously asked for on Facebook to prove to her what he was saying was true - kinda got ugly there for a while.

She went over and apologized to him after I showed it to her in writing (she asked to see it, not like I was dumping it down her throat).  Everything was cool after that, sort of.  Calmed down anyway.

I had seen this on the net before and had given it fleeting thought, but my brother brought it up.  He wants to sell his house, buy some property and then build a container house on it.  If you've never seen a container house, just google it.  It's a house made out of those large, metal shipping containers like you see on trains or ships loaded with them.  In other words, he doesn't want to owe money to anyone, including debt on a house.

The reason it intrigued me is an 8X20 container is only 160 square feet.  It's big enough to build an efficiency out of - meaning a potential rental unit- but small enough I don't need city approval for it. Anything under 200 square feet you don't have to have city permits and codes don't apply.  I'm always thinking of how I can earn some extra money.  I think you can get those things pretty cheap.  Cost me a couple thousand to turn the inside of it into a rather nice living unit - small but nice and then rent it out for $450 per month and have easy income.  That person wouldn't even be in the house - you put a very small bathroom and a very small kitchen in it and then the living room is also the bedroom.  This is probably the most viable idea yet and may seriously start to think about doing it.  Next year, though, lol, have my hands full until after the New Year's right now.

I'm packed ready to go - scouting expedition for an upcoming hunting trip of a son of an old friend of mine.  The son is all grown up, mid 20's I'm guess, married and 2 kids.  But avid hunter, totally into it, just the kind of person I have been looking for to learn from!  So, around 7:30 am tomorrow I'm taking off.  It's not even that far away, less than 90 miles from here to Globe.  I would call Globe sort of "mid-mountains". It's in the mountains but not that high elevation. However, where we are going is right there, next to it, a mountain range shooting up, though don't know the elevation.  So pretty cool that he found a place that close to go deer and elk hunting.  His motion activated cameras have caught quite a number of deer on deer crossings.

Girlfriend is having company over today.  Before that occurred, however, the older boys blew up and were fighting each other.  The 14 year old started trouble with the 17 year old, who ended up breaking a broomstick over his head.  The 14 year old punched a hole through the wall with his fist and made stupid threats at the 17 year old.  Then he went upstairs and took the 17 year old's clothing, apparently all of it, threw it into a shower and turned the water on.  Supposedly he came down and apologized.  Meanwhile, the 12 year old boy was throwing conniptions because he refused to clean up the kitchen so mom took away his new shoes.  5 times this boy came down and had hissy-fits but each time flatly refused to clean the kitchen (that is his assigned daily chore around the house).

I don't know how that ended.  What I do know is the 15 year old boy did not get involved with any of it.  This is the one that has been contacting me and me him after he started contacting me first.  I've been talking to him about his attitude, especially with his mother.  Whether I have anything to do with today's deal and him not getting involved in all of that, I have no idea, but I congratulated him anyway on a Facebook message.

That's it. I'm going to Walmart in a couple of hours to see if I can snag a big screen tv for mom.  Not a Christmas gift, she asked if I could get it for her.  Sure, I said, why not. I can try, anyway.  They are open at 6, which isn't really good and I hate supporting this kind of idea that a store should be open on  Thanksgiving, but I am going out of town in the morning and I won't be around for any deals.  And anyway, if you want that deal, better be there when they open their doors - though - Walmart has a 1 hour guarantee.  So even if they don't have it, they guarantee you will have it before Christmas.

Whatever.  I"m going to take a short nap before heading over there, turkey made me sleepy, just need a 30 or so minute nap to take the edge off.



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