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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to whosoever reads this blog!  Which ain't that many, but still.  Lol
Just got back from mom's she cooked a full, traditional turkey dinner and it was fabulous.
My oldest brother not there - hasn't shown up to a Thanksgiving get together in at least 4 years  if not longer, can't really remember.  My middle bro was in good spirits, which was cool even though mom started some trouble with him about the gift he wants for Christmas.  I had to show mom what he had previously asked for on Facebook to prove to her what he was saying was true - kinda got ugly there for a while.

She went over and apologized to him after I showed it to her in writing (she asked to see it, not like I was dumping it down her throat).  Everything was cool after that, sort of.  Calmed down anyway.

I had seen this on the net before and had given it fleeting thought, but my brother brought it up.  He wants to sell his house, buy some property and then build a container house on it…