Monday, December 2, 2013

Scored a 60" Vizio for my mom on Thursday's version of Black Friday at Walmart.  No need to body slam people, either, lol, police and security HIGHLY visible and present everywhere in that store, which was a very good thing.  I got there half an  hour before the 6pm sale started, got a wristband, got escorted to near front of line  - 10 back from front - was out of there and home at 6:22 pm!

I still gotta take the thing over there, though, which I am half contemplating doing today.  But only half.  I am woooooorn out from Friday's expedition up in the mountains.  It was crazy fun.  Up and down steep ravines looking for signs of deer crossings.  Poop and tracks to be exact.  He was specifically looking for places where trails cross and the more trails crossing each other the better.  We found 3 very good spots, 4-1/2 hours of hiking to do it and yes, my legs were toast after all of that.  We went 4 wheeling in his Jeep after that and then back to camp, had some dinner, sat around and talked for a few hours.  Sleep - in tent but I had my thermals on - up in the morning, a little breakfast and then headed home.  Going back next weekend with him to check the places where we went on Friday - he set up a camera at one of them.  Motion activated.  He's looking for a big buck and wants to be at the place where he will find one.

So, got home yesterday and nothing.  I hadn't been hiking that long in that kind of terrain in that steep of hiking conditions in a long, long time.


Long interlude, Monday morning.  I ended up cleaning out both pond filters yesterday plus other stuff plus talking to the lady to the point that I ran out of time to finish this one.   I never did get to my mom's, but I didn't necessarily expect to anyway.  She's good with getting it whenever I get it out there, she's happy to have saved $300 plus on a very nice and large TV.

And got to ride and go 4-wheeling in a Jeep while up there!  That was my first time ever riding in a Jeep.  I don't recall as a kid going with anyone so it's gotta be.  We went camping as kids and all that - lots of camping in fact - but we didn't have anything that even faintly resembled a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  JP - the name of the dude I was with - took that thing up this "road" and was going at it.  Pics posted on FB, maybe post some here later on today or whenever I can get to it.  It was fun though!

We're going back Saturday for a day trip.  He wants to check his camera - motion activated thing that will snap pics of any deer down there that might be walking by and yes, there was fresh bear droppings too - and see what's up. He texted me last night and told me he's bringing a backpack for me cause he wants to drop some corn down there.  Well whatever works.

As for me, it's about time to get going to work. My legs? ......still rebelling against me. I put them to work on Friday, I haven't done a hike like that in years, maybe more than  a decade.  Not forever though, I used to hike quite a lot.  But to go on something like that and not even condition them for it?  Lol.



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