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George - basically informing me he's moving out.  Exactly when, not known but guessing not too far in the future here.  I"ll be sad to see him go cause' he always pays his rent on time and we have mostly gotten along for the extended time he's been staying here.  His dad is apparently going to buy a house, George is going to move into it and make the monthly payments.  It's kinda hard to find people that will stay a while - that are normal people.  Not impossible but sometimes you gotta go through a few to get one like that.  Oh well, cross that bridge when it comes. The newest tenant is hardly ever here, wouldn't know he's here when he is, and pays me via email through the bank.  I have no idea how long he intends on staying, very quiet, stays to himself, doesn't much care to talk to any of us.  Which is okay, I can deal with that.

The lady and I went through a bit of a rough day yesterday....make that day before now, I started this entry and got busy…