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Just a quick note since it's early Monday morning, haven't written in days - well I have but I keep getting stopped in the middle of it - and it is cold outside!
High of 56 today!

Went up to the mountains again on Friday, we did some hiking about 3-1/2 hours worth - found the areas where we had been last time and the corn was all gone that was laid out.  The camera apparently was at a bad angle that we had strapped to a tree and didn't catch anything - the view of deer not in the pics.
We found a new spot, though, where deer obviously are hanging out quite a lot and that is where we decided to go ahead and mount the camera.

Archery hunting season starts on Friday, he is going up on Thursday afternoon.  I may go up on Friday and stay through Saturday and then leave.  I haven't decided yet.

Less than three weeks and another trip to Texas.  She is wanting me to come no less than once every 4 weeks.  That is a big money issue though and not one I can necessarily afford. …