Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For Fin, the answer is: NO, the firewood situation has NOT improved! There are almost 4 cords of wood outside her house, maybe - ummm - 75 feet from the door to bring it in.  Some of those kids have literally flat out refused to either bring in wood or kindling to make a fire. It REALLY irritates me.  She goes and busts her @$$ all day long so those kids can have a place to live, food to eat and all the rest of it and I'm telling you, sometimes they treat her like nothing more than a pile of dog s*** on the floor.  Disgusting, abhorrent and unacceptable behavior.  Edited: I talked to one of them on the phone and insisted he bring in enough wood to last for a week. He actually did it!

Whatever, hope that answers your question on Facebook.  As for last night, I had this horrific dream.  Seemed like it went on for hours.  I was at work on the forklift.  I was lifting up a small Cessna (yes, an aircraft) way up high on the forks for whatever, unknown reason, would get off of the forklift, walk away from it and then the whole thing would fall over, destroying the airplane.  Time passed and I did it again and again and finally something like 5 or 6 times. I knew my "method" of doing whatever I was doing was wrong yet I continued to make the same mistake, over and over.  After the last time, the crash caught the plane on fire and then I was running to get a fire extinguisher when a face out of the past - a person I sincerely do NOT like - showed up.  I cussed him out, he backed down and then I ran with the fire extinguisher to the plane to put the fire out.  Then all these people were telling me it would be alright and all this stuff designed to encourage m and lift my spirits.  But I knew I was going to lose my job over it so I just decided that I was....

....oh hey, wait a minute, this Texas stuff is even pervading my dreams!  I was going to move to Texas!  Strange dream, though.  Really strange dream. I dunno why I get some of that stuff going here and there but when you wake up out of it, surreal.

Well, work is slooooow. There wasn't a single delivery or pickup to do yesterday.  Spent the day sitting around doing nothing until a truck came and dumped off a bunch of material.  Went through that and then back to nothing.  But I kept my mind occupied doing stuff online and thinking about the possibility of moving to Texas, that thought seems to creep into my mind a lot lately. Hard to ignore.

She has been going to counseling sessions which have been helping her immensely in how to deal with ex, family and kids.  Long ways to go but definitely some serious signs of improvement.  Meanwhile, the 15 year and I continue to talk on FB messages.  I'm not soft on him, either, cause' I don't like the way he treats his mother so I pretty much give it to him.  I throw other stuff in there as fluff, I guess, but it's kinda strange that he keeps coming back for more.  I literally tell him about himself, then tell him about the Lord and then send Bible scriptures to him.  Not exactly what one would think a 15 year old would want to be hearing repeatedly, over and over, but whatever, that's what I'm dishing out.  If I were THERE, this whole situation would change in a heartbeat.  I have no tolerance for mouthy kids that don't listen to their parents.  I just don't.  How I go about changing it would depend on their attitude towards me.

Well whatever.  Wednesday morning.  Went through yesterday a LOT of sites looking for cheap airfare - if she wants me to come out more frequently, then I have to find a LOT cheaper method of getting there.  I did find Spirit airlines going to Dallas for $127 round trip - that's pretty cheap folks - but the charge $30 for carry on or checked baggage, each way!  But again, I can send a UPS package in advance for $10.  Then round trip on Greyhound to the city she lives in for $54.  The only extra ordeal is getting from the airport to the bus station but there is apparently a city bus that runs between the two.  That's cheap, the whole trip, just saying.  I have been looking for airfare to the city next to hers - way too expensive for whatever reason to fly directly to her town - it's $337 for the cheapest fare i can find and that is not doable on a frequent basis.

It won't take a lot more trips for me to make up my mind and for her to make up hers.  She may have already made up her mind, I dunno.  I'm a bit more patient.  If God ain't in it, I want nothing to do with it.  I don't want another bad marriage, that's for sure.

Well, time to be off to work.



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