Friday, December 13, 2013

Well.  A temporary tenant in Caleb's room. This one paying cash up front for two months.  JUST in time for Christmas, really the only reason I wanted to put someone in there.  Not needy, either, has a jet black Mercedes sitting out front, came in with a lot of high dollar clothing.  Was looking for a place to stay for a couple of months to - golf.  Whatever turns him on!  Cool, too, not a jerkoff, at least so far.  My son's room is relatively small at 11X12 in dimension, at least compared to the other rooms in the house.  My house is nothing fancy and isn't worth a million dollars so no clue why he would want to stay here.  Don't care, either, as long as it isn't for ill will.  But, a LOT of people migrate here in the winters for golfing.  That's it. There are hundreds of golf courses in the Phoenix metro area and yes, we have winter grass - rye grass is what it's called - it is much easier to grow, actually than the summer version and looks much better.  It will only grow during the winter months and the summer grass dies out.  They simply seed use a machine to take most of the summer grass out down to almost the dirt and then seed the rye grass right over top of it.

Golf is big business here in the winter.  Just a bit curious though if that person is loaded with money why he wouldn't just stay at a resort or a fancy hotel.  Though, I can tell you that after a while, living in hotels isn't all that much fun.  Been there and done that.  Time will eventually tell - or not.  Who knows.  I just tend to keep my eye on new people here.  This guy's in his 30's.  The other new tenant - of which I have no clue how long he's staying here - is melding in with the crowd here as well. So, so far anyway, cool tenants.

So, anyway, the cash infusion was good.  Going on my trip to Texas, I wanted to have some extra spending money.  My Christmas shopping is all but done at this point, that wasn't really the issue.  I bought 8 out of 9 kids over there a Christmas gift, already sent and most of them already received.  The 18 year old girl, whose relationship with her mother is not good at this point in time, asked yesterday to my lady if I were going to get her a present as well.  Undoubtedly the 15 year old told her about the gifts, lol.

Whatever.  It's Friday, faced with either going up to the mountains or going to 2 Christmas parties, one tonight and one tomorrow after noon, Church and company party respectively.  I was really leaning towards going up to the mountains but I am now really thinking the Christmas parties will be much more fun and congregating around people.  In fact now that I think about it, definitely going to the church Christmas party, undecided on driving 50 miles one way to go to the company Christmas party, figure that one out tomorrow.
Enough for this entry, cause' it's time to go to work!



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