Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday morning.
2 Christmas parties this weekend, one with Church and one at the GM's of our company's regional area.  Both were good, though the one at the GM's pretty much had a bunch of drunk people that were somewhat out of control by the time dark came around and it started getting a bit later. Which isn't shocking or surprising, just that at a certain point, I had enough and went home, maybe around 9 pm or something.

My hunting buddy got a line on a deer - 8 pointer - and let loose an arrow which killed it dead.  His brother, who was set up at another location also bagged one.  Funny thing is, no-one else hunting in the area got anything - but that's simply because those people weren't even getting out of their vehicles.  I dunno how you hunt from a vehicle, I guess hope that one darts across the road.  It's not exactly legal, I can tell ya that but there wasn't a sign of Forest Rangers up there the 2 times I went up.  I'm sorta hoping I will get a deer steak out of his kill, but who knows.

So he's done with his hunt unless he can get another tag, I dunno how many bucks they want taken out of that area, gotta leave some around to mate with the does!

That was my weekend along with dealing with a person that has teenage boys who are at the verge of being totally out of control, especially the 14 year old of which I am assuming at some point she is going to have to call the police on to deal with.  He's already starting junk with her this morning about going to school.  She is going to have no choice but to dump him into the system.  Ex won't deal with him, never has which is how the kid got the point he is at in the first place and she is way smaller than this kid.  I dunno, I'm not there to help her with him and the rest of it, my hands are tied.

I could go into all of it but it would take forever a day and a half and it's Monday morning and I certainly do not feel like doing all of that right now.  Her 12 year old got on Facebook and then posted a message on my wall saying the names of the 2 older boys and how they were in a bad fight and to pray.  On my Facebook wall?!! I removed it and she had to explain to him why that was inappropriate.

Well anyway, another lovely work week and time to get cranking.



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