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Monday morning.
2 Christmas parties this weekend, one with Church and one at the GM's of our company's regional area.  Both were good, though the one at the GM's pretty much had a bunch of drunk people that were somewhat out of control by the time dark came around and it started getting a bit later. Which isn't shocking or surprising, just that at a certain point, I had enough and went home, maybe around 9 pm or something.

My hunting buddy got a line on a deer - 8 pointer - and let loose an arrow which killed it dead.  His brother, who was set up at another location also bagged one.  Funny thing is, no-one else hunting in the area got anything - but that's simply because those people weren't even getting out of their vehicles.  I dunno how you hunt from a vehicle, I guess hope that one darts across the road.  It's not exactly legal, I can tell ya that but there wasn't a sign of Forest Rangers up there the 2 times I went up.  I'm sorta hoping I will …