Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Well here we are the Night Before Christmas. Okay, the day before the night before Christmas, lol.
Last night not so much fun.
She is in depression, she doesn't want to take meds for it at least temporarily to bring her out of it and says she will come out of it on her on.
Possibly, but when?  How long will that take? If I had known when I was going through depression after divorce that there was something out there that would make me feel a lot better, I would have taken it.  Not the rest of my life but until I figured out how to deal with all the junk going on inside of me and get past it and get some help from the church.

I can deal with kids that are rebellious and down and all of that, a little harder to sit here and say that I can deal with a person that is in depression and will be in such a state of mind for X period of time. She threw out some words last night that set me back: I don't care.  She was plainly speaking about our relationship and telling me out of the blue that she doesn't care whether I stay in it or not, that she has been getting rejected all of her life and if I do the same thing, it will hurt but will be nothing new.

??? Those words stung pretty good.  She ended up apologizing for it, I was ready to say goodbye to her.  I'm just a dude, I have feelings, they can be hurt as much as the next person.

Well whatever.  I'll be out there 4 days from now and I suspect some serious talk about this situation is going to ensue, I'll bring it up if she doesn't.   I can try to support her and help her in her current situation, but with depression, she is going to have to find her own way out of it, been, there done that bought the farm.  People can only say so much, at some point you just have to determine that living like that sucks, frankly, and then you just start pulling yourself up, with help from God at least for me, and get yourself out of that funk.

Well, that will occupy my mind and time for the next few days as I ponder where this is all going.  I knew time would bring out things in both of us and how we deal with them and if we can deal with them together is what will determine whether this is something that can work forever - or not.

Christmas at my middle brother's tomorrow.  I had all my gifts bought until they threw out a statement that so and so and so and so else were going to be there. Great. Nothing like giving a person time to get something, anything, to show up with for everyone there.  Gift cards and that's that.

Work today: as expected, nothing going on, manager not coming in, sit here and be bored all day.  Or not, lol, I'll figure out something!



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