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Well here we are the Night Before Christmas. Okay, the day before the night before Christmas, lol.
Last night not so much fun.
She is in depression, she doesn't want to take meds for it at least temporarily to bring her out of it and says she will come out of it on her on.
Possibly, but when?  How long will that take? If I had known when I was going through depression after divorce that there was something out there that would make me feel a lot better, I would have taken it.  Not the rest of my life but until I figured out how to deal with all the junk going on inside of me and get past it and get some help from the church.

I can deal with kids that are rebellious and down and all of that, a little harder to sit here and say that I can deal with a person that is in depression and will be in such a state of mind for X period of time. She threw out some words last night that set me back: I don't care.  She was plainly speaking about our relationship and telling me out of the bl…