Thursday, December 26, 2013

All's well that ends well.
The lady got all the presents together, wrapped them, put them under the tree and waited for them to get back from dad's.
I haven't actually talked to her yet since then cause' she was too busy with them and presents.  But here's a few pics she sent :)

4 out of 9 of them, anyway.  But a pic of the oldest will never be posted on this blog unless he relents and changes his mindset towards his mom.  Oh, those are the gifts I sent them in those particular pics, there are mmore pics just figured to post a few.  Will be there in 2 days.  Spend the first day with her, then Sunday go to church and then head to her friend's place, kids in tow, which is like 150 miles away.  I have to have her friend's stamp of approval before anything else can happen, lol.

But in reality, I have been talking with her friend for a while now on FB messaging system and apparently I already have the stamp of approval, they just want to meet me and have some fun. Unlike her ex, I like to laugh and not just sit there stone faced all the time.

Meanwhile.  Morning after Christmas. Going to work. Gag.  Susan just came out and declared that "this going to work business the day after Christmas is for the birds".  I completely agree and then she announced that next year is the same thing! Noooooooo!  Two years in a row? No way!!

That's it. 2 days until I depart for round 2 of Texas. Probably start making some decisions internally about whether this is going to end up a permanent deal or what.  I think this particular trip will be telling for both of us as to whether this is a good fit - or not.



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