Friday, December 27, 2013

A rather extraordinary thing occurred yesterday.
At least from my perspective was.
I was talking with my lady and she was talking about how they are trying to get a computer monitor to work for the oldest boy (that is still at home anyway, there is one older one than him) so he can have his PS3 in his bedroom instead of locked up in mom's room.

Well, me being the shy person that I am, I interrupted him on a FB message and started talking to him about it.  I know a wee bit about video gaming myself.  Well this conversation exploded and was the first real conversation I have had with this kid.  He has been talking to his mother like she is a piece of dirt, he frequently drops f bombs on her as well. So I kinda had to put that aside in my mind and just attempt to talk to him as if I didn't know that, cause' otherwise, that conversation would have gone downhill quickly.

This conversation went on and off for 6 hours!  It went on so long that I completely lost track of time in talking with him, his mother, the 12 year old and the 15 year old.  3 different FB messages plus text messaging on the phone!  I can't do that today, lol, I have plenty to do after work in getting ready for leaving tomorrow morning for the second plane trip! Can't wait!  First trip I was a bit nervous because it had been so long since I had been on a plane and I had gotten seasick at San Diego this summer, but nothing of the sort happened and the flights were very cool and it helped that on every single flight, I had small, petite women sitting next to me! Versus big people with their skin hanging over, lol.

I am encouraged the more I talk to these boys.  They really just need some male adult interaction, good interaction, not the kind their dad has been spewing out to them. Though apparently he is every so slowly coming around.  I still think it was totally lame for him to take those kids on Christmas and not give them a single gift.  But, he's lost several of them already who don't like going over there and now they are getting some attention that doesn't include getting angry, dropping f bombs and throwing tantrums.  Not only that, but I broke in on the 15 year old when they were all over there and asked him to ask his dad how to start the van, the  security system was stoppinng it.

Well have to pick this up later, taking a tenant to the airport and yes, it's EARLY!  4:30 am!


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