Small world.  Went to Applebee's - there's a very cool bartender named Monica there that I have gotten to know over time.  No, this is NOTHING like THAT.  Just friends, really!  We have talked about everything under the sun, including love life and yes, she is married so if that doesn't put your doubts to rest, then nothing will.  So anyway, I go traipsing in there at opening time this morning, she's standing there looking at me in shock.  "I was just thinking about you earlier this morning, wondering what happened to you and if you had gotten married yet?" I said no, but if things go the way I'd like to see it, I'll be getting married this summer.  She was like, ohhh, wow, okay, I thought you had already done that.

I can have friends that are girls and just be cool with them.  So she started saying something about this dude that came down here from Colorado and needed a place to live, she thought of me and renting out rooms.  Oh really?  What was his name? i asked.  Patrick. Patrick? From Colorado? Drives a Mercedes?  Came down here to play golf?  Recently lost his job?  She gives me this odd look, why yes!  Well, he already IS living with me!  We're just looking at each other like, really? I don't go there too often, it's a bit expensive, well not really that expensive for one person, I just have other things to do with my money than spend at restaurants too often.  But once in a while is okay.

I all but proposed to her today.  I would have gone there, but IMO proposing over the phone or internet would be pretty lame, lame indeed.  Just gonna have to wait either until she comes this trip or my next trip there, not sure yet which. Of course, finding out the ring size of a person 1,200 miles away from me has turned into an extremely elusive pursuit, attempting to ask her best friend, one of her sons, and contemplating calling her employee at her store.  It is  a gold and silver buying store and they get rings in there all the time, perhaps he knows her ring size.  Perhaps not, but even if not, maybe he'll help me find out.  If that fails then, I dunno what.  Propose without a ring? Yikes.

Ohhh, wait a minute! Her best friend just FB messaged me and told me she will find out! Woohoooo! She even has a pretty good excuse - 2 of her kids are getting engaged soon enough and they are going to need a ring.  No, prolly wouldn't use someone else's in real life, but hopefully it will work to get the size.........

.......was interrupted.  Stopped writing this 8 hours ago.  Too late to finish now, lol.



  1. So, she doesn't read here then?

  2. No. I have not given her the URL to my journal and I don't have the one to hers. I would rather it stay that way until at least after this situation is "permanent". You can't just "find" this blog on line. Unless you know how to look for it, pretty elusive. But if she did find this blog, I would ask her not to read it for now. Not that I am trying to hide anything but I do like to keep an air of anonymity to this blog, hence the reason not so many people read it cause' many do not even know it exists and I find I can express myself more freely about my feelings.

  3. Hope you haven't gone off blogging. Miss it.


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