Thursday, January 30, 2014

So, her ex is allegedly coming today to pick up the 17 year old and he is moving in with dad. Good luck! She had all of those boys sign a contract awhile back: you leave, you cannot come back for 3 months.  THe rest of it is: you can leave at anytime, I am not holding you here.   I'll be more than just a little curious to see how all of this plays out.  He will not have a car to drive, I have no idea how he figures he's going to get to school or work.  Well actually I do, he has a savings account that mom has control of and she is giving him all of that money.  It will be enough to buy an economy car.

But not my problem, either.  So the 4th room is rented out.  I regretted doing it after I told them I would.  Not that I couldn't tell them no, now, but whatever. It's more money I can deal with it - for a while.  They are nice people, anyway, a couple, seem to be nice I should say but had a conversation with them that indicated to me that they shouldn't be a problem - of if they are, nothing major.  I posted that ad for room rental but now you can put your phone number on there, so I did and then forgot about it.  These people called me on Saturday when I was out and about and it just took me off guard.

The problem is too many people in the house.  Just too much walking in and out as it is, plus the load on the bathroom, I am going to have to give people access to my bathroom to help handle the load.  I don't really care about that, either, I just don't want to make existing tenants unhappy with having too many people in here.  But, I've pulled the trigger and let the chips fall where they may.  I may go ahead and see if George and his gf want my bedroom - more money per month though - but it would give them space and privacy they are looking for. Their current bedroom is huge, just doesn't have it's own bathroom.

Whatever the case, the countdown goes on.  She'll be here on Wednesday, my birthday.  Superbowl this weekend.  I forgot that I have a Standing Rib Roast sitting in my freezer! I bought it before I went to m'lady's house, stuck it in the freezer and forgot about it! I think I'll cook that sucker while she's here!



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