Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nothing bad.
Still just stand in awe of the Lord.

This is concerning the situation with the 16 year old.  The day after I proposed marriage to m'lady and she said yes, this thing come over me.  You need to write to that lady.  Not my lady, the mother of the girl that the 16 year old is in "love" with.

I knew what I would write so....I fought it.  I didn't think she would receive it.  Why bother.  But I finally gave into this compulsion - I couldn't get past it - and wrote a rather lengthy message to that woman.  I had sent her a friend request which she had accepted and then she wrote me a nice birthday note on my Faceboook wall.  I said thanks and then asked if it would be okay to discuss a situation with her - didn't want to go into that in detail on my wall for obvious and numerous reasons.

If you really want to know, the "message" when printed out completely fills two full pages of type to the very end.  It covered the gamut. Some of it was very confrontational, such  as: "You didn't really tell a 16 year old boy that his mom just needs to get laid, did you?".  Yes she did say that to him, unfathomable speech in my view to be speaking to a teenager who isn't even your own kid - which wouldn't make it acceptable to say such things either.

I sent that message with the statement that reconciliation between the two parents and some level of forgiveness would have  to ensue if this relationship between that boy and that girl were to ensue.

I heard nothing back.  Until today.  But she did not contact me.  Instead, she contacted m'lady and asked for forgiveness and apologizing for being an idiot and letting those two talk her into doing things she should have never allowed (she called herself an idiot, I did not do that).  After ALL of this nonsense that has been going on with that boy and wanting to move out so he could have unlimited access to that girl - that girl's mom coming to pick him up at m'lady's ex's house in total defiance of m'lady's desires (she has full custody, dad only has visiting rights) - and all the rest of it, the entire situation has suddenly changed.

Boy knew nothing about this today, either.  That girl's mom laid down the law with her girl and told m'lady that if her son crosses the line, he cannot see her girl anymore. Same statement made to the girl. To me? This is totally awesome! This ends this s*** with this kid getting into his mom's face demanding he be allowed to kiss this girl (she just turned 14 a few days ago).  This just changes this thing so much, 180 degrees, that games that boy has been playing will be of absolutely ZERO use at this point: I read the note that lady sent to my lady and it was perfect as long as she intends on following through with it.

Well.  Boy will find out from girl tonight - probably already - if from no-one else.  Should be interesting to see what kind of attitude he will have now.  He gets in his mom's face and all that, is he also going to get in his girlfriend's mom's face and start all that s*** with her, too?  He can't play his dad in this, he can't play those people, yes, this should get very interesting considering all the crap he's started. Not that I am going to shove it in his face - not at all - hopefully this will be a learning experience in a good way for him.

Oh, I put in for Elk hunt yesterday before last night's deadline.  Even if I'm living in Texas by then, I could still come back for a hunt and maybe bag one.  Give me a chance to visit with my mom after the marriage - provided that has happened by then.

I also put in to the General Manager to please see if he can find me something out there.  I dunno how long that will take or if there will be anything, but I am hoping and praying cause' it would be great to just do a transfer intra-company and have my same wages and benefits going instead of starting all over again from scratch.

....and time to start looking for the next visit out there.  Gonna have to be shortened unfortunately but that's the way it is.  Looking for the end of March.


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