Sunday, February 2, 2014

This is gonna be a short one since I wrote up pretty long one earlier today. I mean, I watched the Boredom Bowl until the 4th quarter and gave up on it.  Pathetic game. IMO, worst thing you can do is have the ultimate football game be a total blowout.

Moving on.  I left off the last entry that the boy was going to contact me, and that he did.  3-1/2 hours of it.  It drained me.  I mean, I told him how I felt, I let him have it, I poured my heart out to him I was kind and not so kind at some points - a whole plethora of emotion and spanning the realm.  I dunno I might go into more depth of this conversation with him tomorrow, but right now? I am exhausted!  Besides talking to my lady, I have been talking with a very intense, smart (yet dumb) 15 year old boy for hours.

The end result?  He said was going to straighten up.

And that's enough for now.  I am something of a mentor to him but with friendship tendencies and I try to hear him out while at the same time serving up doses of truth.

This day is over for me. 3 more days and it's my birthday and she is showing up.  I have a 4 day weekend coming up!  Yes!



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