Monday, May 26, 2014

Last day of work freedom.  Well I've been working pretty much every day anyway excepting yesterday and possibly today. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a completely new routine and probably a lot of adjustment in getting used to it.

Well whatever.
Spent the week cleaning, basically.  Along with a bunch of kids who mad the house that way.
12 man hours cleaning up just the laundry room itself.  The laundry room - though - is huge.  Something like 30X30 in dimension.  And not just laundry; food storage, freezers and refrigerators and all kinds of minutia in there.  Regardless, it was disgusting and the boy that I assigned to go in there and clean it?  Decided that mopping only the exposed parts of the floor and doing nothing else was going to be an acceptable clean job.

Not. so instead of attempting to tell him what to do, I just decided to "lead by example".  But I kept him busy the entire time.

Well, still at the apartment I guess you could call it. Umm, yeah, got up late.  4 kids over here too, playing PS3 and one of them chomping at the bit to get out of here.  That because I gave him permission to have his girlfriend over today, even though he just spent all of yesterday with her.  Whatever, as long as he continues to behave.  Last weekend was a hell with him I don't want repeated and I told him that in no uncertain terms last night.  Trying to drive over here and dealing with this while driving for hours and hours and hours.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my last day of work freedom and then back to the grind. Oh and Memorial Day.  My respects to all of those that died for our nation and the remaining freedoms that we enjoy who gave their lives for us to have that privilege.



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