Thursday, July 17, 2014

I don't really much care for working out at gyms, as the amount of egos running around those places is more than I am willing to have to deal with - but deal with it I am anyway. I gotta get myself back into shape and the only way I know how to do that is to start pumping weights, get muscle mass built back up and get to burning fat.  I admittedly have let myself go for months now and before I started working out the last time for a couple of years, so I have some making up to do.

I've also allowed myself to get back into some pretty bad eating habits, gonna have to revert back to salads and low fat this and that kind of thing.

Weekend coming up quick.  Kids gone Friday night and returning Saturday night.  Meaning Saturday work day trashed, at least as far as getting help from them is concerned and I have a list of things to get done.  Next Saturday the same situation.  So 2 in a row.  Can't do anything about it but it just puts off what has to be done even longer for the sake of - well I'll save that for my other journal.

Well it's Thursday.  Long days at work.  Relentless driving.  Just go go go type of scenario.  Even the manager was commenting on the miles yesterday and also several times before that.  I would be a  bit more motivated if they would bring my hourly wage back up even anything close to what it was before.  As it stands they are getting a bargain for what they pay versus the amount of work they are getting back.

That's it, all I have time for.




  1. Good for you for wanting to get back in shape. I am no expert but please don't do the no fat thing. Getting no fat stuff means they put more sugar in it to taste better. Check the labels. Smaller portions is a better way to eat. (It has been over a year and a half and I have kept off 75 pounds). I have learned to eat veggies and raw almonds when I need a little snack. ~justfly

  2. Thanks for the info. I started consuming low fat stuff a long, long time ago, like 30 years anyway. Non fat milk, sour cream, etc. I'm used to the taste, people that don't eat or drink it don't like it at first, kind of an acquired taste.

  3. Late to the party here, Ben (dealing with cancer for almost a year now), but wanted to second Justfly's comment: there are a few fats (trans and so forth) that are bad for us, but other than that, the fat you accrue on your body comes from CARBS (the bad kind, aka anything made from wheat or containing added sugar---all processed foods except cheeses and yoghurt), not from ingesting fat. The body needs fat to burn it.




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