Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What to do.....
Haven't figured that one out yet.
Mind flirting all over the place.
Too much going on all at once.

People have found this blog.
I know you're there, reading this.
I asked you not to, I don't read yours
for the simple point of being able to
freely express thoughts without
having to worry about my thoughts
possibly causing even more conflict.

Now I guess I have to switch to
one of my old blogs that hardly
anyone knows about for writing
out what's flying around inside my

You do know that this really helps
me?  To sort things out and figure
out next steps and figure out what
I've done right and wrong and
try to change that which needs
changed, improve that which needs
improved and leave that which
doesn't need to be touched,
at least for the moment?

That's why I don't really tell
too many people about this place.
Like a deep, dark woods you are
walking through and all of a sudden
you walk out into a beautiful meadow
filled with flowers and grass and no-one
has ever been there, or if there has,
there are no signs of it.  You sit
in the middle of it and just take it all
in. The stillness of the moment and
connection with God.  Your mind starts
thinking things and you just go into a

I have actually stumbled upon such
meadows in the past, hence sort of
making a connection between the two.




  1. Failure to respect your request for privacy is a very bad thing, and someone should be greatly ashamed of themself. Having violated your trust, I hope they also read a few of the comments for a bit of a reality check.

    1. x2 .. I also agree with those comments!


      Western Australia

  2. I am very, VERY sorry this happened, for a whole bunch of reasons. One, I know how I would feel if it happened to me. ...devastated and violated. And I know how basic TRUST is to a solid marriage or even friendship or relationship. And on a more selfish note, I have read your entries almost without a break every day almost since I joined journalspace, {Nov 8, 2004} and I miss them when they are not there.

    I am busy cutting the grass so that the place will be standing tall for your visit this weekend. Bethany is an outrageously good cook. And Copper is still with us, but not liking the heat at mid-day. I think you'll enjoy the air show at Pensacola too.

  3. I have other blogs, haven't used them in a while but if I start I will send you URL. You have, in fact, been to at least one of them in the past when I was regularly writing on it. It's been so long I'm not sure I can even find it!

  4. Found it. Last entry was June 30th, 2013. Definitely not known to much of anyone and even if it was, haven't written in it in so long it's "dead". I will probably start writing the stuff that is affecting me and I need to write about on there and save the minor stuff for here.

  5. ....I am writing my first entry on that blog, there are others that read my blog that are welcome to that URL as well.... just message me on FB or if not then I can post an email account here you can send me a message to and I will send you the URL. I could name names but I don't want to forget anyone so just let me know : )

  6. Hi Ben, I don't have facebook, so when you have time, do you mind posting your e-mail so I can send you a message? Thanks ~ Terri

  7. Hi Terri. You can send to coachcaleb@aol.com Pretty much an email I don't use much anymore in case someone on here sees it and starts sending - whatever - to it.


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