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It's official.  She is coming out on the 5th of February and leaving on the 10th.  I'm taking 2 days off - kinda getting hard to keep taking time off cause' my hours for vacation are dwindling pretty good and we're not even out of the first month of the year yet - but it should be a good time.  She hasn't been on a vacation in a long, long time and the ones she has been on have been with all those kids,  so a respite away from all of that should do her some good.  And should give us a definitive clue as to whether this is going to go on or not.

She wants to either come here or me go there every month, but that's just not possible.  Not for extended stays, not even short time off will cut it as I will not let my vacation hours slip below 40 available.  Gotta have time available for the just-in--case type of scenario.  I have other hours available, but I am saving them for a potential move to Texas.  And goodness gracious, how am I going to do THAT?!! I started g…