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It's not that I forget to write in my blog.  Not at all. But an entire week has passed since my last entry.  I have been so caught up in talking with Valerie and almost all of her boys - they need help in a desperate way - that I just don't find the time to finish a normal blog entry for me.  I have several started in drafts for this week which were never finished.

But those boys - they need so much help in such a big way.  They are hurting, they are in pain, they don't know how to deal with it.  The 17 year old, who has been totally set against me all this time, not wanting anything to do with me - shocked me earlier this week.  I got online in the morning for work as I normally do, got on Facebook and saw a message waiting to be read.  It was him, asking me some questions about his mom and the way she is treating him.

It's late - for me - almost 11 - so I'm going to bypass a lot of stuff.  We started talking a lot on FB messages - he revealed a lot of things abo…