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Saturday morning.
Have to replace front brakes and one of the rotors today, plus a list of things I want to get done around the house.  So talking with her all morning long not helpful in doing anything! We both had to force ourselves to say bye for now and get going with the day.

ALL of her boys were giving her hell last night, though.  It's one thing when one of them is going haywire, it's totally different when all 5 off them have gone off the deep end and whining, yelling, dropping f bombs, slamming things around, etc. etc. etc.  Very little I can do from here except seek the Lord and talk to those boys whenever they feel open to talk about it, which seems to go in cycles.  And right now, the 15 year old isn't talking and is angry.  But I've pretty much got him nailed: hormones, girls on his mind, not liking restriction of freedoms but won't do anything around the house, either.  He flat refuses at this point to do anything at all.

The 17 year old I am talking…