Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday morning.
Have to replace front brakes and one of the rotors today, plus a list of things I want to get done around the house.  So talking with her all morning long not helpful in doing anything! We both had to force ourselves to say bye for now and get going with the day.

ALL of her boys were giving her hell last night, though.  It's one thing when one of them is going haywire, it's totally different when all 5 off them have gone off the deep end and whining, yelling, dropping f bombs, slamming things around, etc. etc. etc.  Very little I can do from here except seek the Lord and talk to those boys whenever they feel open to talk about it, which seems to go in cycles.  And right now, the 15 year old isn't talking and is angry.  But I've pretty much got him nailed: hormones, girls on his mind, not liking restriction of freedoms but won't do anything around the house, either.  He flat refuses at this point to do anything at all.

The 17 year old I am talking with - at his pace.  He flat out told me in message that he only has ONE friend, that's his girlfriend and he doesn't know how to start relationships/build friendships with anyone.  For some people that is easier than for others, that's a fact.  He told me that at previous school - it was a private school - that the seniors were all making fun of him the entire time he was there, told me he didn't have the guts to stand up to them  and that he pretty much closed himself down at that point.  His dad told him HE (and rest of the kids) are the reason they got divorced and blames him for it!  Can you believe that?!! What kind of father would tell his kids that?  But the dad is the most messed up one of them all.  Goes and lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and gets a car that can only hold a few of the kids so he doesn't have to deal with them.

This has taken literally months to even get a conversation going with this kid.  I'm not pushy, I just let things go at their own pace and whatever happens, I pray about it and give it up to the Lord.  When I was at Encounter group last night - intense prayer meeting that is held on some Fridays of the month - I heard a word from the Lord and had a vision about this kid and yes, when I got home, I told him I received something for him and did he want to hear/read it?  Yes he did but by that time the "all hell broke loose" scenario had already taken place and mom was mad and had shut off the wifi.  I asked if she would turn it back on at least for a few minutes so I could send it to him and then she can turn it back off.

Ummm, pause in that one.  15 year old just texted me that "mom is calling the cops so you better talk some freaking sense into her". That kid won't get anywhere with me talking to me like that.  He's just full of anger and resentment and I have yet to find out WHY he is so angry.

Well that started off a slew of text messages between him and I.  I have little sympathy for a 15 year old boy that is mouthing off to his mother and getting extremely angry.  But I am trying to talk to him in such a way as he will receive what I am saying without just blowing me off and then not really getting any good input from anyone.  An hour of that since this started and I am done with it.  I can't spend my entire day dealing with these boys, at least not from here.  There, different story.

Anyway, back to other story, I sent the message - to the 17 year old - and then he asked if he could read it and think about it and then get back to me tomorrow afternoon after work - which is today.  Of course!  So that's where that sits.

As for her, she admittedly has no clue how to deal with teenage boys. Teenage girls, yes, boys, she says she just doesn't know how to deal with them.  Then the ex and the things he tells those kids.......gag.

Well, enough. I am not getting anything done and it's already 10 am!

Off to the races!


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