Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Fin:
I suspect it will actually be a good birthday for me as well.  My lady will be here, George is making us dinner at his urging and George and Susan are good company.  I will be with my lady alone, no kids.  Even if we go NO WHERE on day 1, that is all good with me.  I will plan on whatever for the next day.  A road trip around the state would be cool.  A trip to the Grand Canyon or other such places that we have in our state would be nice as well. We are definitely going to go to my mom's property and spend some time up there.  It's colder up there so snuggling is even nicer : )


Meanwhile, I finally figured the 17 year old out.  Umm, no, not really, but I came to the understanding of some of his issues so, the shy person that I am and concerned about people and wondering where their lives are going, especially teenagers who are somewhat clueless, I started texting him a series of questions.  Yup, mom gave me his phone number a while back, I have texted him before and nothing terribly ill coming from him but not abusing it either.

This went on for quite a while, hours actually. I finally got an understanding of where he is coming from. I am not going to go into details, this is the worldwide web,  don't feel comfortable talking about some of the intimate details of another person's problems here, so I will leave it at that.

I also talked to the 15 year old at great length today - he was getting into some things as well.  This isn't anything evil or against the law or whatever, just personal issues and that, as well, will stay off the WWW.  It is interesting that they are talking to me so freely, though.


Thursday morning.  Still contemplating this whole situation.

But I need to turn that off for a while.  Got a busy day at work - finally! - and will keep me trucking all over the place, should be all the way up until quitting time.  I kinda need to give my brain a rest on all this analyzation (I had to look that word up on spelling cause spell check says it's wrong!) and just give it a rest for a day.  Yeah right, good luck to me on that one!  Especially when I start getting messages from any of over half a dozen kids!

Enough.  I don't really feel like writing much this morning.


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