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Dear Fin:
I suspect it will actually be a good birthday for me as well.  My lady will be here, George is making us dinner at his urging and George and Susan are good company.  I will be with my lady alone, no kids.  Even if we go NO WHERE on day 1, that is all good with me.  I will plan on whatever for the next day.  A road trip around the state would be cool.  A trip to the Grand Canyon or other such places that we have in our state would be nice as well. We are definitely going to go to my mom's property and spend some time up there.  It's colder up there so snuggling is even nicer : )


Meanwhile, I finally figured the 17 year old out.  Umm, no, not really, but I came to the understanding of some of his issues so, the shy person that I am and concerned about people and wondering where their lives are going, especially teenagers who are somewhat clueless, I started texting him a series of questions.  Yup, mom gave me his p…