Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Countdown to her arrival: 8 days.
Meanwhile, getting things tidied up around here.
And, meanwhile, listening to the ranting of a 15 year old boy proclaiming his disdain for his mom's insistence the he cannot yet kiss his girlfriend and inappropriate touching is also out the window.

That was yesterday. She contacts me via FB informing me that he is pissed at her and the he thinks I will take his side and that he is going to be texting me.  And so it began, 15 minute later with the following text message, sent from boy:  " I'm tired of this shit ".  

This was in reference to mom's dictatorial that such was going to be with that girl and if not, she would cut it off.  So, the boy starts talking about moving out.  To where, I ask, dad's?  No car.  No huge property to ride your dirt bike around.  How are you going to get to school?  He works night shift.  "She can't run my life like she thinks she can I'm 16 almost i can make my own decisions" I hate to sound like I am mocking the boy, but that got me to laughing.

Another quote from the boy: "I'm not moving out she needs me and she knows it". This is the way this conversation went for a little bit until I had enough of it and started digging in.  Though his statement is true, she does need him around there, he's the only one that will do all the work outside with the cows and fixing fence lines to keep the cows in and all the rest of it.  I certainly wasn't going to dignify that statement with a ohhhh, yes, she reallllly needs you.  

I got into his business.  And then I told this boy that if I move out there and become a part of that family, he'll think her intrusions were a cake walk compared to me.  Not only that, but I will ask her to hand over all decision making concerning the older ones to me - she can't deal with them, they are too much for her to handle.  Too many of them and they "attack" her at times all at once.  Size matters as well in this case, she is a small, petite woman, I am 205 pounds standing 6'2" tall and veritably loom over all over those teenage boys.

This went on for 2 hours.  Why "waste" that much time with him? .....though I don't consider it a waste of time, I just know how lots of people think, especially when dealing with other people's kids.  The answer to that question, however, is because no-one else will.  Mom, yes, but no adult male figures are any part of those boys' lives.  Their dad is MIA.  He only showed up for the fun part at the beginning after that he is missing.  He wants nothing to do with them.  He refuses to take them even when it's his court-agreed time to take them. When he does finally take them, it's for a very short period of time, stuffs them in front of a TV, rents movies and that's his involvement with them.

So yes, especially if they contact me first, I will invest the time into them to try and help them understand what life is really about versus the contorted thinking that they get from their dad.  REALLY contorted thinking.  Though some of their thinking can just be attributed to the way teenagers see things versus the way things really are.  The 17 year old is intent on moving in with his dad, but dad, after initially accepting, is giving my lady a time on the phone about it: he really doesn't want him over there.  Shocking surprise. She doesn't think it's going to happen, he will back out of it and tell the boy no, he can't move in.  We'll see, the kid wants to move out on Friday.  She took the car keys and the house keys away from him.  He can't drive anywhere and if he's not home by whatever time she declares, he's locked out.

I kinda helped  her with that, lol.  That kid is so incredibly disrespectful to her.  I give the 15 year old much more hope than the 17 year old.  I contacted the 15 year old after all the heavy stuff over and lightened up a bit and his factual statement was: dude don't worry (I wasn't just his personality) and then: we are good.  So, cool that cause' I was digging into his nerves last night.

As for m'lady, well, she just sat on the sidelines, not that we weren't talking but sat the same time she likes the fact that I am taking a personal interest in all of them.  I got lots to do in the next 7 days and best be getting to it.  I also am awaiting to find out whether or not I get the Safe Driver Award bonus.  I mean, by this time in the month, they usually have that list out -- they send out a list every month of who is getting it nationwide with their names and the amount of time they have spent with the company.  I would REALLY like to get that bonus, that would help things out immensely right now.

Well, time to be off to work.



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