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Countdown to her arrival: 8 days.
Meanwhile, getting things tidied up around here.
And, meanwhile, listening to the ranting of a 15 year old boy proclaiming his disdain for his mom's insistence the he cannot yet kiss his girlfriend and inappropriate touching is also out the window.

That was yesterday. She contacts me via FB informing me that he is pissed at her and the he thinks I will take his side and that he is going to be texting me.  And so it began, 15 minute later with the following text message, sent from boy:  "I'm tired of this shit ".  

This was in reference to mom's dictatorial that such was going to be with that girl and if not, she would cut it off.  So, the boy starts talking about moving out.  To where, I ask, dad's?  No car.  No huge property to ride your dirt bike around.  How are you going to get to school?  He works night shift.  "She can't run my life like she thinks she can I'm 16 almost i can make my own decisions" I …