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Definitely going to drag her up to the mountains to the property and we will spend at least one night there.  Maybe 2.  It's so beautiful and peaceful up there.  Maybe a bit cold at this time of year but there are heaters in the trailers and a pit to build a nice fire :)  I haven't built too many fires up there in the past because - I - was - alone.  I mean, I can entertain myself to a point.  Now that I think about it, it seems the world revolves around couples, married or otherwise.  If you don't have a mate to talk with the other guy's mate......well that is a side benefit, maybe, in the future.  
So yeah.  I'm still trying to find a ring, definitely plan on popping the question!  Maybe up there! Though in this electronic age, it would be cool to get it on video.  
I decided today to contact her 17 year old.  He's gone, out of the house, done, living with the ex, who knows how that will go.  But it wasn't anything preachy.  Just want to keep in contact w…
So, her ex is allegedly coming today to pick up the 17 year old and he is moving in with dad. Good luck! She had all of those boys sign a contract awhile back: you leave, you cannot come back for 3 months.  THe rest of it is: you can leave at anytime, I am not holding you here.   I'll be more than just a little curious to see how all of this plays out.  He will not have a car to drive, I have no idea how he figures he's going to get to school or work.  Well actually I do, he has a savings account that mom has control of and she is giving him all of that money.  It will be enough to buy an economy car.

But not my problem, either.  So the 4th room is rented out.  I regretted doing it after I told them I would.  Not that I couldn't tell them no, now, but whatever. It's more money I can deal with it - for a while.  They are nice people, anyway, a couple, seem to be nice I should say but had a conversation with them that indicated to me that they shouldn't be a problem…