Sunday, February 2, 2014

This is gonna be a short one since I wrote up pretty long one earlier today. I mean, I watched the Boredom Bowl until the 4th quarter and gave up on it.  Pathetic game. IMO, worst thing you can do is have the ultimate football game be a total blowout.

Moving on.  I left off the last entry that the boy was going to contact me, and that he did.  3-1/2 hours of it.  It drained me.  I mean, I told him how I felt, I let him have it, I poured my heart out to him I was kind and not so kind at some points - a whole plethora of emotion and spanning the realm.  I dunno I might go into more depth of this conversation with him tomorrow, but right now? I am exhausted!  Besides talking to my lady, I have been talking with a very intense, smart (yet dumb) 15 year old boy for hours.

The end result?  He said was going to straighten up.

And that's enough for now.  I am something of a mentor to him but with friendship tendencies and I try to hear him out while at the same time serving up doses of truth.

This day is over for me. 3 more days and it's my birthday and she is showing up.  I have a 4 day weekend coming up!  Yes!


Well, 2 of m'lady's cows have dropped calves!  With another one looking like she's ready to drop and hopefully 3 or 4 more after that!  It's the time of year for cows to drop calves.  Which I find very odd since many of the places that have cows are in freezing, bitter cold this time of year. But, God created them he musta known what he was doing.

Meanwhile, if you had thought all hell had already broken loose over there, well, it got 1,000 times worse last night.  This is all about the 15 year old, whose hormones have exploded, has found a girlfriend and has entered the complete and total rebellion stage because of this girl and m'lady's attempts to keep it from getting too carried away.  I mean, the girl is only 13 years old and the 15 year old turns 16 in 2 days.

Well anyway, leading up to this situation last night is that girl's parents lack of morals/ethics and basically telling her lies about what is going on over there when 15 year is visiting.  He's been over there 3 times now, I think.  She doesn't want him kissing a 13 year old girl and I have to agree with that assessment, but that girl's parents don't care one bit.

I'ma skip a lot of stuff because otherwise? This entry will go on for 50 paragraphs and I neither have the time nor the gumption to do that right now.  Just isn't necessary to go into all of that anyway,  you get the jist of the situation: boy in love with girl; boy not listening to mom; boy's head getting filled with a bunch of crap from both that girl's parents and m'lady's ex concerning m'lady.

So here we go. 15 year old is saying she is ruining his life.  This because she is putting quite reasonable restraints on him with girl but still allowing him to go over there anyway.  15 year old says he wants complete freedom to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to.  I do believe a good portion of parents would find that laughable, much less acceptable.  But, his attitude since this all started has gone to rotten, evil and wicked in a quick hurry.  I mean, EVIL.  Making indeterminate threats against her to do something evil.

So, on Friday, after having this discussion all this week, it's determined that he can have her over to m'lady's house on Saturday.  He wanted to go over there and was demanding that he be allowed to go.  I thought it was very giving of my lady that she even was going to allow them to be together at all after all the crap he has given her this week about it.  Well, Friday afternoon, going to the bank and boy is in the vehicle, he starts cussing at her and also slapping the 6 year old girl on the head.  She had already been hearing dose after dose of crap from him all day long about going to the girl's house on Saturday, she had had enough.  Told him to get out of the car.  Yup, right there, but only half a mile from ex's apartment.  You can go to your dad's, bye!  Time passes, come to find out that the parents of the girl are coming to pick him up on Saturday, even AFTER she had told them he is NOT to go over there this weekend!

My lady calls up the mom, who says, ohhh, I'm sorry, I didn't remember saying that yesterday.  ??? Seriously?  She claims she is on some heart medicine and it causes her to forget things.  Gag.  So then, my lady is telling her after it gets deep into a pile of s*** that she will never trust her again, on and on.  Okay.  So boy is over there all day, texts mom that he can do whatever he wants because he was with dad and dad said it was okay.  Just pure, sh**** attitude.  She texts her mom asking for husband's phone number so she can talk to him about this.

Let's fast forward.  Ex brings boy home last night.  Boy comes in and demands to be allowed to go over to girl's house whenever h wants and also that m'lady MUST pay for his cellphone.  A little foggy what actually happened, but ex had already discussed with boy about him living over there - without saying anything to m'lady  and he says fine, I'm going to live with dad!  Ex was waiting out there for over 20 minutes, unknown to m'lady, waiting for him to come out and take him to his new home.  Let me pause here and say that his house? is a one bedroom apartment.  He already has the 17 year old living over there. The 17 year old and 15 year do not get along together, they get into fist fights.

So, she tells me all of this after the fact.  I kinda lost it, I do admit.  Why on earth are you bowing to that man and his threats? YOU have legal custody of that boy!  I got pushy with her: you have already lost 3 and now you are going to lose a minor.  You are going to end up losing all of them!  Well, she  got all the kids, got into the van, drove over there. I told her to be ready to dial 911.  And sure enough, she had to.  The boy actually twisted her arm in trying to get the phone out of her hand, which he did!  This while the ex stood there and did NOTHING to stop that boy's abuse towards her!

Police came, told ex he was going to get into a lot of trouble if he was going to try to force this issue, better force him to go home, if you want to take her to court to get custody, that's your option.  So, this guy has the audacity to say well she dropped him off a long way away from here and I didn't know where he was at!  He doesn't even care, just throwing that in there.  M'lady looks at the cops, yeah after he started cussing me out in my car and verbally abusing me and all the rest of it!  The cops look her square in the eye, tell her: "If you have any problems with that child tonight, you call us and we'll come out and take him".

Fast forward.  He's in a rampage at home.  Blah blah blahh.  Threats and all the rest of it.  Just not going to go into all of that boy's endless ramblings and garbage.  This kid contacts me last night on Facebook and says: Your girlfriend is a liar and a hypocrite.

I was infuriated but I refrained.  I told him he was angry and upset, we can talk when he calms down, that was that.  Fast forward to this morning.  He and 14 year old decide they are not going to go to church.  She says fine, you can stay outside in the cold and rain while we are gone.  She goes to church, calls ATT and has his phone shut off.  Yup, good thing, the people he is talking to are filling his mind with evil.  She gets home from church.  They found an unlocked window, they were inside when she got there. He demands his phone be turned on.  She refuses, and also, she had already told him the relationship with the girl is cut off.

He says well, okay then, since you aren't going to turn my phone on, you aren't going to get your laptop back!  I'm telling you, this kid!  She says what?  This laptop has all over her programming stuff on it for the companies she does programming for.  She just looked at him and said: I'll give you 5 seconds to get me my laptop or I'm calling the police.  He called her bluff? Yeah, she got her cellphone out and started dialing 911.  Okay, okay!!  Life is going to get very difficult for that boy now.  He told her yesterday to "get out of my life!".  Hurtful thing to say to your own mom.

Anyway.  Now Sunday afternoon.  Went to church this morning, awesome service! Got out and called her.  She was telling me all that had transpired all the way up til' - now - actually.  She is turning the phone back on long enough for him to - contact me.  No, I didn't ask, he asked her to please let him speak to me via text.  He is not  going to hear what he wants to hear from me.  He has abused my girlfriend verbally and even twisting her arm yesterday, I am sick of it.  I have tried to be nice but yet firm with him all this time, but enough is enough.  If he really does contact me, he probably won't want to hear from me again because I am going to hammer him for the abusive treatment he has given her.

.......and if he's gong to contact me, better be soon! I want to watch the Superbowl and I want to get a short nap in in between this conversation and before the kickoff!




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