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Superbowl - gag.  Worst I've seen in decades.
Going to be an interesting week.
2 days from now, I turn 50. Same said day my lady shows up.  My uncle is in the hospital in a coma, they are thinking of pulling the plug - he had a stroke early last week and it's pretty much  a grim prognosis.  JD - the kid that has been coming over to my house since he was 12 years old - left me a note last night saying he just turned 21 and could he please have a birthday present.  lol  I usually give him a $20. My lady's 15 year - yes the one I have been dealing with  - turns 16 tomorrow and I have a 4 day weekend this week.  Plus going up to the mountains. And whatever else may happen!

So yes, interesting week.  Oh, that doesn't include the couple that is moving in today!  I need to start saving up for a potential move later on this year to Texas.  I haven't made a final decision on that one yet.  I'm still weighing this whole situation.  Those kids are a handful. Just one of t…