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I am up at my mom's property up in the mountains. I had one agenda bringing her up here, my lady that is. To be completely alone with her an entire day. No kids, no adults, no intrusions from the outside world.  
Once here though, I forgot the combo for the combination lock on the gate~! But it eventually came back to me and then....I had to replace the electrical outlet for the power to my trailer.  It was cutting out last time up here and this time  started doing the same thing as soon as I plugged it in, so I just go out there  and replaced it.
I helped that it is cold up here.  Why? Perfect snuggling weather. We spent the entire day cuddled up together, watched a couple of movies, ate dinner, watched another movie but after that?   We just cuddled in silence and basked in the warmth and glow of each other's love.  We talked at great  length today before that point, I had some things I needed to be clear about.
And at the end of all of that?  I don't know why it was so …