Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well, her visit is nearly over.  I have to go to work tomorrow, what I didn't realize or possible didn't remember I guess is that she isn't leaving on the airplane until 4:50 pm.  Meaning she'll be sitting around all day.  But I had only wanted to take 2 days off for this visit and this due to shrinking amount of available vacation hours.  Hey, if I could translate like Peter I think it was did in the Bible, I would be all over that!  Just poof and you're there!  I could go visit everyday!

Well anyway.  I'm going to take 2 days off on next trip plus a weekend.  I found a flight that leaves right after work on a Wednesday and gets me there late Wednesday night.  Meaning get there, get to her store and sleep, then have 3 full days to visit and one half day.  It's the best I can do.  I simply refuse to let my available vacation hours go below 40.  What am I going to do this summer when it's time to get married or when I need the time to move out there?

So that's the way it is going to have to be.

Meanwhile, the now 16 year old has been avoiding me.  Not normal for him, so I began texting him today - what's going on?  No reply.  Again.  No reply.  I know he's getting my messages.  So the third text was: well, I'm just going to keep bugging you until you say something to me.  I get a text back: " I've been assigned not to talk to you " I got into a short conversation with him about that, basically is this something HE wants or something someone ELSE is telling he has to do?  Cause in reality, mom has full custody of him, no-one can force him not to talk to me except his mother.  He tells me he can't say, I'm sorry.  A few more sentences and I was done. Later on, however, it dawned on me: he must have been advised, not assigned, to not talk to me.

So, his dad went out, got the lawyer and is going to attempt to get custody of him in court.  Thing is?  Dad gave him up!  Didn't want any of those kids.  Mom isn't going to just let him go without a fight, because we know what's going to happen over there. Dad works 12 hour shifts, alternating between night and day shifts.  There is no-one there to stop them from doing whatever the bleep they please including screwing girls and whatever else comes to mind with the current generation.  The boy talks to mom today: mom, we have some serious stuff to talk about when you get home.  Yup, I already know: dad's hired a lawyer.

She's continuing to get dragged down by all of this.  We prayed together today, spend some time before the Lord.  I trust God to have His way in all of this.  Who knows who will win in a court battle, but I give it far greater odds that she will win over him, the ex that is, because of the situation the ex has create with all of this in not wanting his own kids.

But whatever.  I can only pray from here.  I texted the boy back again a few hours later after realizing what was going on, but he is not budging.  Which is okay- to a point.  Mom will talk to him when she gets home.  The 19 year old daughter called her today and they had what sounded like a pleasant conversation.  I dunno.  I try not to read too much into there things, but sometimes I am guilty.  With this one though, she is out of the house, the only reason she  would have false pretenses in calling is to try and dig for information for whatever purpose.  Well have at it.

Regardless, it is my bedtime and I am going to bed.



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