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It finally started to hit me.
She is gone.
I am here, she is on an airplane headed to Tyler, Texas.

So, I go and get my lady and take her to the airport.  We plop down in seats right in front of the security checkpoint.  There were no other people sitting in those seats, which were rows of them.  We talked our last moments together, hugged, kissed passionately and then I just sat there and watched her taking her back pack thing and going to the desk, getting out her boarding pass and then, after putting everything away, turned around and waved at me one last time.  I continued to sit there for a  couple of minutes, but finally got up and - then suddenly became aware of eyes on me.  My God, all of those seats were full and we were sitting there in the front, kissing away, lol, oblivious to everything going on around us!

I just smiled, turned around and walked off.

Lots to think about.  Ponder. Plan.  Attempt to try and understand.  Is this really going to work out?  Between her and I, yes.  With her kids and us? I dunno. With the situations going on with older kids that hate this i…