Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time to start trying to figure things out. How, exactly, is this going to work?
I have no idea.  Some of this I must put in the hands of the good Lord and pray and believe that He will work it out.
Meanwhile, a tenant moved out, quite unexpectedly, last night but paid up his rent until almost halfway through next month.
Strange, to say the least.
Most people that are going to do that - leave without notice - just do it and wait until I am gone to work and are gone by the time I get home.
I am undecided about re-renting the room.  Seems some objection to having all 4 rooms rented out.  The money is nice but not at the expense of losing people.

Meanwhile, m'lady finally made it home.  They had to de-ice the planes last night and that caused quite a backlog of aircraft sitting in Dallas waiting for the deicing agent to be applied so the aircraft can take off.  Meaning she got to Tyler way late and her ride was sitting out there for quite a long time waiting for the arrival of the plane.  The 16 year is going to dump a landmine on her today, I am guessing, in telling her his dad got a lawyer and going to go to court to get him out of the house.

But I prepared her for it in advance so it doesn't take her by surprise.  She knows the gist of what he is going to say and so at least she won't be shocked by it.  The boy wants total freedom  to do whatever he wants and if he ends up at his dad's house, that is exactly what he'll get.  Dad doesn't care what he does, number one, including having sex, and number 2, dad works 12 hour shifts alternating between day and night shift.  So he's gone for 12 hours at a time plus drive time to and from work plus the 15 minute handoff at work between the shifts making it over 13 hours of total, complete freedom for boys to do whatever they please, whenever they please to do it.

In my mind, that is a recipe for disaster.  But whatever.  She is going to fight it.  For the sake of that child, she is going to fight it.  In the end, who knows what will happen, Texas has much different laws about that stuff than what goes on here in Arizona.  A 16 year old could not just leave to go to another parent's house here after a divorce decree and everything has already been worked out.  I mean, the other parent could go back to court, but unlikely a judge would yield unless abuse or something like that going on.  Whatever the case, the boy was perfectly fine to wait until Valentine's Day to see his new girlfriend, but since she left, he has done a complete about-face on it.  This is all the ex's doings.  He has no friends and is replacing people his age for friends with his children.  Not to mention he would like to get some of the child support lowered, but that probably won't happen either, or if it does, it will only go down $100 per month.

Anyway, time to be off to work.


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