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Time to start trying to figure things out. How, exactly, is this going to work?
I have no idea.  Some of this I must put in the hands of the good Lord and pray and believe that He will work it out.
Meanwhile, a tenant moved out, quite unexpectedly, last night but paid up his rent until almost halfway through next month.
Strange, to say the least.
Most people that are going to do that - leave without notice - just do it and wait until I am gone to work and are gone by the time I get home.
I am undecided about re-renting the room.  Seems some objection to having all 4 rooms rented out.  The money is nice but not at the expense of losing people.

Meanwhile, m'lady finally made it home.  They had to de-ice the planes last night and that caused quite a backlog of aircraft sitting in Dallas waiting for the deicing agent to be applied so the aircraft can take off.  Meaning she got to Tyler way late and her ride was sitting out there for quite a long time waiting for the arrival of the …